Tuesday, July 8, 2008

well positioned ;p

its been a while since im not updating my blog. Arghh! Im almost at the end of my induction at ICT division. Im happy coz i already no my position! U know wat it is? As a system developer for the eCBIS system in ERP dept. Using SAP as a platform and ABAP as the language. Already got my cubical workspace, flat screen etc. Today i went back home at 6pm and i was so cuak coz early this morning got rain cats and dogs. Nasib tak banjir. Adoii. Tak sabar nak pindah bangsar. Need to focus now at my career. Im happy coz as i go along the orientation week, im know wat im doing. Dirty ur hands first then marketable urself. Head hunter is searching for uuuuu.. Tat is why ict division hired 20 of us from this batch coz several of existing staff already resigned from the company after getting huge offering and pay from outside. Go to new zealand, UK blablabla. Pape jela. So esok ada lawatan ke sub station to see teleprotection system in the transmission region. Hmm.. the main thing is, although ict division is just support service BUT we are the PERSON who collecting the REVENUE to the company after selling the electricity. Im proud tat i recently know some of the technical terms especially from engineering area. So dont play2 haaa with the 500kV skuad! Kesimpulannya gunala letrik banyak2 supaya pakcik kayoooo!


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eminz said...

xleh jd nie..
kne kompromi ngn
company tu jgk..
suruh jgn gne letrik..
skrg kne jimat la brO..
minyak dah naek..ahax..;P