Saturday, July 5, 2008

menara pening kepala x.x

thanks to peos for being my loyal driver

mana taknya, tuan tanah busy dgn kehulu kehilir.
Last check out from training center aka Institut Latihan Sultan Ahmad Shah Uniten Bangi on 2july. 3 july onwards i oledi has been sent to work at menara TM. But yet 20 of IT executives still in orientation in ICT division. Each of us oledi no which dept we are working in. Saya dept enterprise resource planning (ERP) di bawah system blablablabla.. Yesterday oso had a meeting with CIO.. So teruja can ask him 2 questions. 2 hari duk situ aku pening pala+sesat a bit sebab naik turun tingkat 38. with a few choices of lift .Telinga naik sebu macam naik genting. Pening222!! Tapi control macho sebab awek2 kat menara TM stock2 american next top model. Omputih, gelap, kuning sawo matang seme ada. The thing is, we doesnt have much time to touch a pc until next wednesday. We will get our own workspace soon. I plan to move out to bangsar on this Sept for God sake. This august i will be on leave bergaji! Go to Lumut Perak for about 2 weeks with no hp, money, blablabla.. cast away from people then live in da island, survival look alike. So if u call me i cant reply even to talk to the world outside. Last but not least, i love my engineers frends which were still in training center untill 21 july. U guys rock!!!

p/s: berehat la sepuas2 nya.. malas layan.. ;(

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zamz said...

okla tu buat sap lepas ni kan...marketable tu...byk co esp cam shell yg offer double those yg ada experience..

slamat ber obs hehe