Friday, May 30, 2008

pimp my self esteem plz

i wont be around for this weekend.
Excuse my tomorrow's class.
Counting the days to leave the study world for a moment.
Knowledge saturated !~
Desperately need a money to survive.
No comment on my recent personal life.
Good luck to VMSU student in final exam.
Will hire a personal assistant soon (i guess) to favor me with da 1st class service.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

what say u?

day by day, i try to be a good person especially to myself. I dont want to hurt my feelings rather than others. Yes people might say im stubborn, selfish or u just name it. What it worth, at the end of da day i get what i want. Lets say, if i dont like to have a 'cat fighting' especially in yahoo messenger with another person, wat i did was i keep invisible upon him or her. Ya, sorry to say. Actually this kinda thing is similar as like my dear said.. hehe.. If u don want other people waiting for ur mistake, so why not? we keep permanetly offline towards him/her aite? Basically what i have said just now is based on my experience so far! People said that im workaholic though. The people that 'stabbed' u from behind will always try to let ur dream down to the earth. For me, im not as easy as what people might think of me. Yes i am workaholic person because im fresh, young and full of energy. I cant stop my engine from relaxing at the garage. Please fully utilized it! So what i get? Satisfaction on my results, family will proud of me, etc. What i didnt get? Holy crap frendship that wont make u matured enough. Frenship that doesnt help u at all like what? Ya, like over take ur prosperity, to be a person to cry on ur shoulder, things like ridiculous. In other word, parasite that suck up ur blood without saying thank you very much! Although u have to be hypocrite sumtimes but dont show it up. Let the atmosphere is well-ventilated enough only then u try to not get involved with him/her anymore. 10 years time, when u suddenly met him/her, then starting to staring each other, then u make ur own move. HAVE WE EVER MET BEFORE? lalalalalala~

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


butterfly in my stomach & [head spinning] !
i do know why but im not going to tell it.
~**alone makes [ME] relief for most of da time**~

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Jabbawockeez kewwwl :)

If you've been watching MTV, you have probably seen an episode or two of Randy Jackson's America's Best Dance Crew. The season started off with 12 teams competing to be voted as the best dancing group in America as voted by the viewers. The show has three judges- Shane Sparks (choreographer), Lil' Mama (rapper) and JC Chasez (N'Sync member)- who offer advice and criticism.

Although all 12 crews have been scraping and spinning their way to the top of America's Best Dance Crew, one team has been mesmerizing dance and non-dance fans all over the world: The Jabbawockeez.

The Jabba-who? The Jabbawockeez are a dance crew that hails from San Diego, California. They derive their name from a character created in a poem by Alice in Wonderland writer Lewis Carroll, the Jabberwocky. What has set them apart from the other teams is that they all wear white masks throughout their performances. The Jabbawockeez' signature style involves pop-locking, acrobatics and just amazing time-stopping moves with freezes at unexpected times. As each episode nears to the finale, the Jabbawockeez always appear unscathed yet they compete and throw innovative moves, meeting every challenge the competition has to offer. Yet their successful performances are only half of the story.

Their competing six Jabbawockeez team on America's Best Dance Crew are some of the total team. There are actually 11 listed on their website. Sadly, one of the Jabbawockeez- Gary Kendell- passed away a few months ago. The Jabbawockeez also represent several ethnic backgrounds to include black, white, Asian and Hispanic heritages, yet they all maintain the same skill level and appear to be interchangeable. The white masks seem to represent that the only culture they truly represent is the Jabbawockee culture.

anyone saw these gals?

vanakkam thalaiva! maneka & jajima in front of taj murah building.
edited by : cikkai.blogspot

heh! of cos u will not see them in Malaysia. Both of them in India at the moment for about one month. These gurls are actually my best fwend aka classmate ever.. but hey, im just wondering are there any internet service along the infosys program? too sad if no intenet is provided because i didnt see any of them available in their yahoo messenger. Hope they are fine! They look twins together. If syida or sheera read this blog, everyone here is fine and we just keep our fingers cross to get His blessed. By da way, keep in touch after u come back to ur country. Dont u ever have a crush on mat2 bangla over there ya! haha.. Eh syida, u owe me haaa. Sheera oso owe me.. Haha. Momento from India is compulsary for a kind man like me lalalalala~ peace out :)

Friday, May 23, 2008

dirty talk :)

whos dis two handsome hunk guys? just figure it out

Hairie Isma: cantek nya gambar
seds ew: heheh
seds ew: camera sape?
Hairie Isma: hakeem
seds ew: hauhua
seds ew: pndi2
Hairie Isma: wats da plan tonite kind of bore but i hear u go out with ur gf
seds ew: erm
seds ew: yup
seds ew: spend masa ngan *** jap..
seds ew: after dat din wat to do oso
Hairie Isma: heh, u r outing for about 10 hours
Hairie Isma: and suddenly it is on the next morning wat
Hairie Isma: tomolow still hav a class
seds ew: btul2
seds ew: ader
seds ew: sok ader lg
seds ew: takpe2
seds ew: i so excited..
seds ew: takde hal nye
Hairie Isma: so when the crumpin class will start
seds ew: soon
seds ew: kekeeke
seds ew: after mcad lor
Hairie Isma: hmm.. after mcad im going to work soon
Hairie Isma: so i dont think tat we have a geli2 time together lorr
seds ew: hauahua
seds ew: nvm
seds ew: we still hv a lot of time
seds ew: chiil beb
Hairie Isma: u do have
Hairie Isma: i dun think so
Hairie Isma: ya im workaholic
Hairie Isma: alcoholic
seds ew: ahuahauha
Hairie Isma: shopaholic
seds ew: sekholic
seds ew: *****holic
Hairie Isma: haaa i will miss my universitas life
seds ew: u going to miss me?
seds ew: my ***?
Hairie Isma: eh u really want to move from that freaking house huh?
seds ew: my britney spears stomach?
seds ew: nope..
seds ew: joking only
Hairie Isma: oo
Hairie Isma: wat daaa woooot
seds ew: cain kat bdak2 lain
seds ew: bayar mahal
Hairie Isma: yup and the most crucial thing is tat all of u already immune with all that little tiny creatures like kuman, kutu and those candy 's shits that smell like a shit yooo
Hairie Isma: begging for miracles happen in ur bungalow house
seds ew: ahuahau
seds ew: me not immune
seds ew: me avoiding all the shits
seds ew: hauahauah
Hairie Isma: even the owner cina apek dis believe of his/her rent house gonna be like toooot sound like a wooot wooot
Hairie Isma: haha
seds ew: hauhauah
seds ew: dat bloody chinesse only care bout the money
seds ew: and the tooottt pokok
seds ew: hauahauha
Hairie Isma: ya im afraid ur smell like a shit too and bring da shit to da mcad class
Hairie Isma: wat ta fuuuuk
seds ew: i wont do that toottt fucking toootttt
seds ew: me smell so good
seds ew: till make u horny
seds ew: keekeke
Hairie Isma: heh after u spray a bottle of fragrance still smell like a smelly thang yaa
Hairie Isma: nigga
seds ew: wat the thak
Hairie Isma: except the 2 layer of ur belly, just reserve it for me
seds ew: hauhau
seds ew: damn
seds ew: kekeekke
seds ew: jubus
Hairie Isma: yo i tell u wat yo
Hairie Isma: that 2 layers belly will remind me of OSI layer yoo
Hairie Isma: haha
seds ew: ahauahu
seds ew: iso 99001 or isolat?
Hairie Isma: usolat i just pass on yo
seds ew: kekeke
seds ew: imam al hakim
seds ew: hauhau
Hairie Isma: unless i heard the voice of tok siak calling for azan yo
seds ew: heeheh
Hairie Isma: ultimate bilal is already stand up yo
seds ew: the handsome tok siak rite?
Hairie Isma: just wait the imam for sarung da kain pelikat yo
seds ew: not fotget the best amighul imamman
seds ew: hauhau
Hairie Isma: hehe
Hairie Isma: so funny yo
Hairie Isma: put all da kittens inside da cage yo
seds ew: yeah
Hairie Isma: only then u can perform prayer peacefully yo
seds ew: paan went home...
seds ew: the kitten already inside the cage
Hairie Isma: dont forget to feed da kittens will racun tikus yo
Hairie Isma: hehe
Hairie Isma: eh eh jangan
Hairie Isma: kucing haiwan kesayangan Prophet Muhammad yo
seds ew: i feed wit madi racun yo
Hairie Isma: cannot yo
Hairie Isma: madi already immune with all kind of racun
seds ew: <--- sempat pulak promote blog
Hairie Isma: racun ku minum jadi penawar yo
seds ew: madi yes...but not the kitten
seds ew: eheehe
seds ew: dude
seds ew: brb k
Hairie Isma: ok

ha ha can u read that? im not double standard iso90001 CMMi CMM etc, pilih kasih or bemadu kasih the way i talk wif my frends. Remember, my memory wasnt so bad and i remember every single thought that u ever called me so far.. Yes beware of dogs ya! no jiwang2, tangkap lentok punya. Im 22 and still young and never have a crushed on anibodi yet except my Dear

hot weather but comel face :p

hai semee :).. nama saya faqiha iman binti norizami. Saya anak sedara ayah elly.. (*pakcik sedara yg hensem!) papai2


Shah Alam bercuaca panas !

when i was in my secondary skool, my english teacher told me tat dont used the word cute because in some countries cute means ugly but nice to see.. n the other hand, adoi.. panas nya la hari jumaat nih.. Nak berendam rasa. Balik dari solat jumaat terus p bilik air basah kan kepala. Nasib la rambut ni sket.. cepat sket meresap. Masuk lab komputer baru lega kerana ada aircond.. Ye sesungguhnya esok hari sabtu dan saya ada kelas.. Argh!!! Malas bebenor nak update time malam2 sebab dah penat.. So prefer lepak dan bergelak tawa bersama peers. Oklah.. see ya later. chow mee choww :p

Thursday, May 22, 2008

gr8 :)

- awal pagi : Chelsea kalah!! Geram betol..
- 9.00 am : kelas sampai lebam iaiu 5 petang
- 6.00 pm : lepak dan terus lepak sampai malam

Actually malas nak bukak lappy malam2. Dah busann. Tapi blog kesayangan ni mesti bukak gak. Dah, aku nak blaja. papai!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

branded or biasa2

long live da BLUESS

Which one do u prefer? Well as far as im concerned im not kinda choosy in buying hot stuff. But as long as it suits to my body and im confident to wear it, why not?. My xxxxmate is extremely branded stuff goers and im a bit distracted by them. Haha! Ya, im just an ordinary guy with ordinary family income so I know my limitations. But, hey.. one day I can buy the hot stuff too by spending my own money kan.. So, don’t be to snob because u r using ur parents money. Wats da point to show off? Haha.. Stop ere and I want to cont my thesis correction.. Only then I will glue my eyes to da tv for premier barclays and definitely im Da Bluess supporter!!! Hell yeahhh

Monday, May 19, 2008

kampong boy~

sekarang buah dragon fruit dah berbuah.. alhamdulillah~
working kat ladang much2 better

syukran jazilan ya abi wa ummi.. Tadi petang driving secara solo ke seksyen 13 Giant. Lepak2 bersama mak, abah dan adikku ain di food court Giant. Well, seriusly dah lama tak jumpa mereka kerana saya ni derhaka sket dah lama tak balik umah.. Since CNY hari tuh! Akakku dilla p bercuti di Thailand so aku jela yang borak2 ngan mereka. Nothing much to chat cuma they just want to know the condition i am as well as my studies. Well, i never drop their water face down because im da hero in my siblings.. hehe.. So bila nak balik beselah, barang2 "disposal" di tinggal kan.. seperti makanan yang tak habis for a long journey... dan yang paling best, ikan patin masak tempoyak mak.. yeah!!!! satu tupperware besau.. buah2an di hentian Tapah juga tidak dilupakan so aku dapat la beberapa buah jambu batu, limau bali dan buah pauh! Seme mereka sungguh enak dicicah dengan kuah rojak Mak Bee.. Then, abah kasi blanja dalam (biarla rahsia). Thanks abah. Esok kelas bermula tapi aku rasa cam dah malas nak blajo. Mata dan badan ini terasa rindu dan belom puas dgn tilam empuk dibilikku... ZZzzzZzzz~

any idea?

everything is fine ere! w000t da tooot is going on? naaa, im sure every single thing is already checked. But yesterday u promised me to hand over it before afternoon. Eh, have u take ur lunch? sounds gr8 huh! This time ur food is on me. Dont have to pay even a cent!. What about da drink? Is already included on da receipt rite? yeah, yeah... as long as u neva cross da line! I hope u can keep it as a secret. U neva tell it to boss or else, both of us will get fired! Geezz.. Is not a big deal maa.... I never stab my frend from da back what! come on lar. Today is ur bad day then im helping u. Tomorrow, lusa, tulat ...? Hold on a second. R u saying that those days are also my bad day? Arghh.. Hey, i dont finish my words yet. No la, u dont have to be worried. Jeng jeng jeng....

Saturday, May 17, 2008

extinction of Tarzan ~

And now I know why tarzan is no longer exist in modern world nowadays.
Sexually abused both physically and mentally

Friday, May 16, 2008

samat pagi cekgu~

"Guru Cemerlang, Negara Terbilang"

selamat hari guru kepada seme cekgu2 seluruh Malaysia terutamanya kepada cekgu2 Semsas yang tercinta. Semoga anda seme berbahagia menjalankan tanggungjawab profession guru. Tanpa cekgu siapala saya pada hari ni. Saya sentiasa mendoakan yang terbaik buat cekgu2 seme.. Tunggu je kad kawin saya esok lusa.. hehe~

Thursday, May 15, 2008


penah tak rasa nak hantuk kapla kat dinding kerana terasa kapla dicucuk2? itulah yg i tend to do when im suddenly under migrain situation. Kekadang penah gak buat tapi perlahan jela. Baru terasa relief. Pagi tadi - terpilih utk present skali lagi kat pameran projek tahun akhir yang di lawati oleh dato vice canselor. 6 yg terpilih adalah the better among kot - representative of courses respectively. Ptg - rush to Uniten for intervw. Overall interview dimonopoli oleh dak law in terms of communication skills. One of them was graduated from UK. Habis around 6.10 pm. Sampai sh alam kul 7 lebih + traffic congested. - rasa nak penat yang amat. Tiket balik plak habis.. So wat to do? Tdo for about 48 hours jela..

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

apakah ? :x

- MON = fyp
- TUE = Profesional Certificate registration
- WED = pesent fyp
- THU = interview Excutive Training Prog at TNB
- FRI = oooo balik kampongg... oooo balik kampong..
- SAT = leisure (bersama OWEN)
- SUN = leisure (bersama NEMO)
- MON = Back to HECTIC city aka Shah Alam yang banyak NYAMOKKK!!!
- TUE = Back to school...(until end of JUN) ~sigh

In short, although im almost complete my degree, the thing is getting busier. The most crucial part is, when will i go to Lowyat for shopping hardware gadjet? Ahhh...penatnya laa.. my parents are not at home when im back coz there were at Ipoh. Heck!!.. Im gonna miss my mom's cook.. Sumbody has to calm me down so that im not [.................] commit suicide. Astaghfirullah...

Monday, May 12, 2008

sunday hari berhibernasi~

sunday dipenuhi dgn:

- tdo sampai kul 12 p.m
- tgk cita Melodi
- lepas zohor gayut tepon sat.. thanks sayang ~:)
- petang tgk tv
- lepas maghrib.. teman syida dan sheera makan di restoran feberet syida iaitu Sani.. wekk~
- pastu masuk UiTM sat nak usya tempat FYP (mereka berdua CEPAT kerana meja kerusi mereka sahaja belom disusun).. haha..
- anta sheera di kolej kediaman dan teman syida amik repot.. sambil gossip2 dalam keta dan ketawa terbahak2 kerana syida tak reti naik beskal! haha. gurau2..
- balik umah siapkan pamplet.
- tdo dalam kul 3 gak lepas gayut ym..
- masuk bilik terasa cam tak leh tdo sebab dah terbiasa tdo lewat gara2 siapkan tesis.
- try gak mengelamun, gelak sorang2 bak orang kurang siuman... baru leh tdo

kesimpulan dari cita di atas, sesetengah manusia yang queen control nak tahu sangat apa si dia buat. Sampai nak masuk toilet pon nak kena buat repot ke? ridiculous laaa.. sebab tu saya tak suka dikongkong.. lantak p la saya nak buat pe kan.... so buat2 bese dah la kan. Tak cool la setiap menda nak tahu.. PNC tu paham2 jela. Gurau? heee jumpa kat simpang kena blasah sapa yang gurau2. Serius sangat? haah memang aku serius pon.. so blah laa.!! haha

Saturday, May 10, 2008

i love my mom for the rest of my life

baby where u get ur body from
i got it from my momma
which part of ur momma?

First of all, i would like to take this opportunity to wish Happy Mother's Day to all mothers. The next person to be respect and obey after Rasullulah, who next? ur mother who next? ur mother who next? ur mother (3 times) and then ur father.... To all my friends, im sorry if i have unintentionally talk bad towards ur family as a whole. I didnt really mean it. Unless u willing to share,story and the most importantly telling me the truth bout ur family background.

Im not going to tell u how struggle of my mother raised her 6 childrens which have different chars. But remember, whether they still alive or not, keep on praying for her happiness fil dunia wal akhirah. ~im crying.......

Friday, May 9, 2008

Final yer presentation

Ladies and gentlemen, u r welcome to see my thesis presentation on this 14 of May at my faculty. Various topics will be present from various courses on tat day too. People from industry are also welcome to see students project which may interest u to offer them work in ur company. To my friends, all da best and pray for our success. Allah bless!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

pabila cuaca panas dan rasa dahaga ~

kalo dulu setiap hari kita di Shah Alam dihujani band HUJAN mencurah2, kali ni dtg pula band aka musim PANAS yang hangat... Petang tadi sedang aku leka membuat kerja2 rumah, member ajak g lepak restoran hakim. Naik kete Saga BLM tak tahu kemana arah. Skali benti tepi jalan pekena cendol Pak Akob daaa... Aku pon layan la cendol pulut satu. Aku berlima masing2 diam menyudu ayaq cendoi ka molot. Lepas minum, boleh plak kitorang kritik komen ke atas cendoi yang telah berada di dalam perut tadi. Tunggu masa nak kuarkan saja.. Cendoi kat seksyen tujuh baru tu tawaq sket ja. Aku suka minum cendoi kat seksyen 7 blakang menghala ke Bukit Raja tu ha.. Masyukkk!!! Takpelah, layan kan aja... Papepon, manusia time hujan sokmo, complain.. time panas memanjang pon complain.. Haihhh!! Sabaq ja adik kakak semua. Mai kita ghamai2 dok pakat pekena cendoi ayaq batu campoq satu... Tu diaaaaaaa habih terkeluaq semua..... Har har har..

p/s: Frankly speaking, "Im from Pahang".

fools gold ~

Just got back from Mid and i have watched this movie and Totally hilarious and Best!!! Tapi lagi best kalo kuar dgn seseorang yang kita admire. ~sigh .The island view is very beautiful though. Kapal diorang karam pon buleh tak prasan time tgh cari harta karun dalam air. Dan byk lagi babak2 yang FOOLSSS menyebabkan cerita itu dinamakan FOOLS GOLD.. Serius ttooottttt!! Nak donload la cita tu buat kenangan.. Kesimpulannya, if u have free time, do not no wat to do, persuade ur friends, go out and watch for cinema once in a while.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

my cute cats :x



now, im glad to present my two luvly pets to viewers. Nemo(female) and owen(male) are two outdoors hyperactive creatures which love to eat makanan kucing. Local cats however they are born to be wild. Hahah! Rindu mereka berdua.

Monday, May 5, 2008

how to shower like a man

Dare to eat it?!!

1. Take off clothes while sitting on the edge of the bed leave in a pile.

2. Walk naked to the bathroom if you see wife along the way - shake knob at her making woo-hoo sound.

3. Look at manly physique in the mirror, admire size of knob and scratch your ass. Get in the shower.

4. Wash your face. Wash your armpits. Blow your nose in your hands and let the water rinse it off.

5. Make fart noises (real or artificial) and laugh at how loud they sound in the shower.

6. Spend majority of time washing privates and surrounding area. Washyour bum, leaving four pubes stuck on the soap.

7. Shampoo hair. Make shampoo mohawk.

8. Pee.

9. Rinse off and get out of the shower. Partially dry off.

10. Fail to notice water on the floor. Admire knob size in mirror again. Leave shower door open, leave wet mat on the floor, leave light and fan on.

11. Return to bedroom with towel around waist. If you pass wife, pull off towel, shake knob at her and make woo-hoo noise. Again.

Throw wet towel on bed.

p/s: i dun hav a wife yet.. but who knows my wife will definitely love to see me naked too.. *blink *blink

ludahan sayang

dun tell me tat u r sorry
im suffocated, tormented, abused and hateful
im pissed off
im not a kid to be bullied
im not a person to lean on
stand up
Mirror urself
take a bow
dont let other people cursing at u
nothing to do?
go far and do ur own 'thangs' tat suits ur weird needs
oh Gosh, nice people doesnt do tat way
Remember ur root
dont crush it right away

-poem by cikkai

"tiada kena mengena sama ada yang hidup atau telah pergi"

the power of Internet and freedom of speech

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Tag a log = Tagalog

my buddy kaykaysaja has tagged me with these 7 'wonderful' thangs bout urlife. Layannn...... :p


1) im bald at the moment
2) seductive and pampered
3) only a boy in my siblings
4) well-dressed sokmo
5) stay at my room (most preferrable)
6) castrophobic.. (help me!)
7) i scratch my head a lot too.. hehe


1) empty wallet
2) being in da middle of the crowd
3) unprepared for such event
4) abah or mak angry with me
5) handsome guy!!! (opss..bahayaaa..)
6) when i have nothing to do / jobless (scary dude)
7) death


1) 4 minutes to save da world (madonna, timbaland & luvly JT)
2) bleeding love (leona lewis)
4) never too late (3 days grace)
5) love hurts (Nazareth)
6) to love somebody (Michael Bolton)
7) selamat tinggal masa lalu - andra & da backbone


1) Zikkrullah
2) Assalamualaikum (everytime on phone + enter my house)
3) wek lu!!!
4) lantak ang laaaa..
5) babi betol laaa..
6) bengong
7) bising laaa!!!


1) Hollywood artist
2) Chelsea scarf.. hehe
3) Chelsea football club
4) Virtual Community
5) How to get rid of red devils.. ahaks
6) latest English songs
7) latest fashion collection


1) First car accident - standard 6
2) Flying fox - form 2
3) First love - form 2
4) singing solo - form 3 (first prize ok!!)
5) about to police case - form 5
6) overnight - 21 years old
7) eat sushi - 21 years old


1) ilie
2) Kak rufai
3) boooolattt
4) Norman
5) nano Nano
6) aminur
7) along Arman

Friday, May 2, 2008

keep on ~

"Saya akan beritahukan kepada kalian suatu kaum dari kalangan umatku. Mereka datang pada hari kiamat dengan kebaikan sebesar gunung. Namun Allah menjadikan kebaikan tersebut seperti debu yang berterbangan. " Tsauban berkata, Ya Rasulullah! Terangkan sifat-sifat mereka pada kami, sehingga kami tidak termasuk dari golongan mereka, sedangkan kami tidak menyadarinya. Rasulullah saw bersabda "Mereka adalah saudara kalian, dari kalangan kalian pula. Mereka mengisi waktu malam dengan beribadah, seperti yang kalian biasa lakukakan. Namun mereka jika sedang bersendirian dan mempunyai kesempatan melakukakan perbuatan haram, maka mereka melakukannya"

(HR Ibnu Majah)

Thanks to dear(russian federation) that keep on visiting to my humble blog (i can seeee uuu, haha) and for that hadith too. For those who keep on cyberbullying me, go on. You r such a brat. By da way, im keep on bleeding love. ~sigh!

"Dear my dear, i wish u would lap me.. uwaaaaaaa"

Thursday, May 1, 2008

weewwit :x

opss, this is not my pic.. but my bro .. hehe.. bawah ni baru betul.. tapi sama je kan.. haha

" arghh... do i need to care of wat other people say about my image?"

"Awak baru balik umrah ke khairi" tanya Puan Jam. Mintak2lah masin mulut Puan Jam. Cecepat aku g umrah ngan family, kasi bersih jiwa, rohani dan jasmani aku. Sebenarnya, semenjak aku berimej ala2 abang palapes nih, ramai yang tegur, memuji dan tak kurang hebatnya mengkritik. Pengkritik bebas mcm kat Akademi .......(dah byk akademi skang ni u just name it). Bagiku takde perkara penting sangat tentang membotakkan rambut. Asalkan ianya sesuai dgn perwatakan dan anda yakin dgn imej sedemikian, dont bother wat people say. hahha. Lain la kalo bagi perempuan yakni haram botakkan rambut. Takdela sampai takde rambut sehelai tapi potong rambut nombor 2. Sebelom ni aku penah botak kan kepala cuma diorang ni takde kat sh alam ni. Time tu waktu cuti semester. So diorang just usya gambar botak aku kat frenster je. Kali ni korang dpt tengok secara life.. haha.. Aku suka rambut spiky actually. Tapi dah pegi kuliah pakai helmet tetiap hari, hilang la rambut paku aku. Nak pakai wax? ewwwy aku tak suka melekit dan too much gel on my head. Sungguh tak selesa. Unless aku pegi shooting utk majalah2 tempatan sahaja.. hehee.. Sebabnya ada hairstylish yang buat kan. Pepehal pon, encik david beckham is my inspiration, sebab no matter dia botak, dreadlock, mowhack dan sebagainya, dia tetap fesyen icon.