Monday, July 28, 2008

apa laga?

hey hey thanks to all my 'oldbies' aka bosses + senior manager for treating us during lunch time. We ate ayam golek, tomyam, sayoq kangkong, rice plus an exceptional cold drink of fresh orange. Surprising us though coz the email tat we have received early this morning was not a joke or hoax. Seriously, u wont get this kind of frendly environment between boss and down line. Im not tikam+kutuk blakang but it is for real. One of the manager really a nice guy and he never double-standard his down line.

So many things happened for today. Anxious+happy+sweet-sour+mixed up feelings too. Wat i can say is, when we received sumting and u feel clueless just pray to The Almighty searching for the brightness. Allah sentiasa membantu hambaNya yang memerlukan pertolongan dariNya. Amin (T_T)..

p/s: baju denim ERP besau sangat!!

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.: RuFaI :. said...

hee da lama xmsuk cni...wua my life skrg sngt2 xbest...wua...:(