Thursday, January 31, 2008

last I.S.E.C meetup (w.w)

"Dapat free badge uuu..."

Last nite, after performing my Maghrib prayer, me n my friends were heading to our fac for attending a club meeting. This is actually our last meeting especially for final yer student. Hopefully, all of us grad with flying colors. Ya, seniors are always seniors. Come late to da class n also da meeting. Basically, wat i wanna highlight here is, i expected part 3 aka junior students will occupied da front seats in da hall. But unfortunately, i can count the number of students who attend da meeting last nite with my fingers. They actually dont realized the power of actively participate in a society. In fact, for every semester, we hav to paid RM100 exclusively for outdoor activities. So, wats da point all u guys paid it without utilize it? Ha ha ha.. So sad. As usuall, im very proud of my classmate because some of them can attend da meeting to support the club activity. Just see da pic above how happy we r for most of da time. We are always like that. Honestly, i love the way we taking care of each other although some of us already flirt with their own couple. There is no excuse for us to escape or let it handled by someone else. Just bear in mind da Hukum Karma. Wat world goes around is come around.!! So, thats all for today. Mid sem is just around da corner. I try to post as much as i can. adioss..

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

future projects (z.z)

2 posters or banners for today!!!. Yayyyy :) Ya, thats me a multi-tasking person. U can see one of my artwork above. It is very simple but meaningful and it can touch my housemate's heart. Hhahhhaa...crapp!! I just wanna let da readers know that, if im not a future system engineer, i will jump into interior design+business field+fashion advisor. OMG!! I just lov to be like Designer Guys+successfull business man. Maybe i can expand my business via internet. Who knows? kan kan... InsyaAllah. Neva mind la.. Wat ever+kind of areas that u stady, just go for it. Ilmu Allah ini luas dan kita wajib mempelajarinya. So, for those who r interested to join venture with me, just lemme noe. Maybe ur brilliant ideas can change da world!! Fuiyohhh.. What a bombastic thoughts. Ya ya, sharing is caring!! Voice out ok.. n peace out!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

mickey mouse keys q(O.O)p

i hav lost my motor keys yesterday WTF *^%$!!!! Becoz of that, i hav one crazy riddle with me. Any of u can answer will get a mystery gift from me (just kidding)! The question is, "Siapakah yang menjumpai kunci motor saya?" haha.. pedooh je.. And the answer is "Silalah pulang kepada saya!! waaaaa... mana ntah kunci tu" In a past few minutes before, me n my frends went to da workshop to buy new ignition keys. After the installation process is wrapped up, i hav noticed that the keys are just like a cartoon character "Mickey Mouse".. "It's really Comeyyy," echoed paih. Hahaha.. yes it is!! One of it i will make it as a rantai for me hang it around my neck so that the keys will not lost again. Wat so ever la, yang penting melayang duit aku 56 hengget.... Xoxoxo!!!

the best therapy ever :-"

Am i a shopaholic person? Haha, just check out the bills only then u may judging me. In conjunction with Chinese New Year celebration, i took this opportunity to find the best discount ever for me to shop.. AHhahahha.. Today, my frends n i go to Mid Valley PJ for shopping. Actually, yesterday we already had some sorts of preliminary shopping at Plaza Masalam. I just accompanied my frends to buy a couple of casual clothes at Reject Shop. For me, although the shop's name is like that, but da price still da same. So, wat i get for today's shopping?? :) In my mind, i aimed to buy a pair of men's straight leg pants+sun glasses. Total for both items is about RM150 laa.. Makan+minyak tong2 as usuall. Prior to that, i had entered to books house n read some of da book's synopsis. I wish, i could have my own mini library in my own house one day. So, i really happy becoz when u buy sumtim that u really want is like a therapy. But make it once in a while unless u inherit Hilton's wealth. Hehe :P But, the best part is, my frends really2 into shopping mood whereby both of them carried stuffs with both hands.. HAha.. They still owe me haaaaaaa..... Ok, i wanna take a bath then cont my work. Adios~! Wink wink..

Thursday, January 24, 2008

test123 almost accomplished!!!

First+foremost, the streamyx conn was really bad+sucks!! The line was fluctuated and i dont noe where the signals propagate.. Argh!!! I met my supervisor this morning with less preparation. However, the session is up to one hour although less preparation. Test connection to the server is kinda cool because this is da moment where people around da world will see ur system online.. Seriously gempak!! haha.. (For me la kan as a beginner web programmer). The happy thing always comes in a while and the hardest thing always comes prior to the happy thing. So, i still hav much2 works to do. Someone has to wake me up when I am a little bit loss. HEhe.. Dear God, please forgive my family+i upon our sins. Actually, i'm happy becoz my relationship between me and my dear just running smoothly lately. Ya, ya everybody busy in studies+shes on her final exam (end already). Today, shes will take off to United Kingdom for holidays. Do hav a safe journey, n i just want to let u noe that i luv u very much.. :) . The clock on da wall shows 7.15 pm and after performing maghrib prayer, i will go to swimming. Thats all for today.. This weekend a lot of wonderful things will be coming and just wait to read the upcoming frankly thoughts from my heart.. @;}---- See ya!!!

R.I.P Ledger

Remembering Heath Ledger

It was so sad that he has passed away :( He is too young died at 29 in age. The first thing that i knew bout him was, he is an Australian versatile actor ever. Ever played a role as the tormented gay comboy Ennis del Mar in "Brokeback Mountain"; a drug addict in "Candy"; an in carnation of Bob Dylan in "I'm not there". Playing the Joker in his upcoming Batman movie "The Dark Knight" may be his final finished performance. Sigh~ Split last yer with actor Williams+had a cute daughter, 2-year-old Matilda. Kinda heartbreaker when i watching da news bout his sudden death. My condolence for his family. Hav to wait bout 10-14 days to get da lab results. Some said that he is overdose by taking 6 types of prescription drugs. But from wat i hav read, he is too exhausted upon his carrier. Could not sleep tightly.. Sigh~ Sigh~ Sigh~. May his soul rest in peace!

Further details about his current news, just browse to this site:

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

da tutttt~

Once in a week! That is da time where i can meet him in faculty. Yesterday, i saw him sort of lonely becoz his best frend didnt came to school together. I dont know wat da status between us. I already made my apologized last yer. When i met him, he is kinda cool treating me without noticed that im strangely treating him. So pity. Thats wat we called the revenge of manipulating me in da middle of da nite! Social hater!!(reminding me of Amanda in Ugly Betty). As results, separating for better life. Forget bout that saddiest stuff.

This morning, I went to Bukit Cerakah for cycling+jungle tracking. Help to clean da mother nature a bit. Such a sunny day for us having a splendid time together as a whole without racist. Huhu.. I guess u know. Today is a public holiday for Selangor in conjunction with Thaipusam celebration among Hindu community. Take this opportunity to get peace and traquillity of da nature. The best moment in Bukit Cerakah were cycling up n down da hill together with frends + masuk rumah 4 iklim. Luckily, this month is a winter season.. Best!!!! So, thats all for today.. Plus, i dont hav a lecture untill this friday n plan to see my supervisor.. So cuak coz the presentation time on theses progress will be coming soon.. Arghh....!!

Monday, January 21, 2008

wat da heck!

hav u ever sit in da concert for 4 hours non-stop? Entertainment sometimes made us "lalai+leka".. Towards the end, the concert ended by the fans shouting wanna extend da concert sampai pagi. WAT DA HECK?? Gilo ko apo.. die hard fans watsoever.. But today, i ever sit in da classroom for about 4 hours. Quite tiring coz we just angguk2 geleng2 tunduk2 ikut telunjuk.. Dear God, please forgive the entire mankind for pretending that we r in da class listening to da lecture. The truth is, our soul+spirit was not there. Flying away at all... So, as conclusion, 2 hours is enough for us! not more than that... sigh~~~~~:(

Sunday, January 20, 2008

tiring :(

it starts with last friday, where everybody busy seeing their supervisor included me. At nite, as usual, i cont my hobby swimming together with my "always come late" frend. On saturday morning, nothing much happens. In da evening, we kinda busy having a short meeting in order to come out with brilliant idea for induction's activities. So, i appointed my frends to buy all the hamper stuffs for the prize. At nite, we hav a poco-poco,chicken and aerobic dance training just for freshies. So for today, i conducted all da aerobic session which is i luv it coz i like to dance+somthing that make my body workable. Yes it is!! Energetic+dynamic i am. Just luv luv. Just wanna say, thanks to all fasillitators for coming to da induction. Although one of da freshies kinda KEKWAT WATSOEVER ^&$%#!!, we treated equally just for fun. If she think she is pretty, my grandma much2 prettier than her. Thats all for today. Really tired coz stayed up in da morning to complete all the tentative program. Ad hoc and last minutes prepared always burden me+pissed me oFf! And i think Mr President made everybody really pissed oFf just because we are frends so just hide it behind for better relationship. Peace out &^%$!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

ipk504 best :)

Class started at 10.30am n i came early to da class because my eagerness of learning this subject on top of everything. Hhaha.. Thank God coz i hav a very nice Ustaz. I had my lunch at Mac D as requested by some of my classmate especially one of them did not eat rice since child. So she just eat other than rice to survive her untill today. Syukur Alhamdulillah.. At Mac D, we hav a nice chat discussing on this sem event in order to keep the relationship remain alive. How sweet are we!! Cycling at Bukit Cerakah, Jungle tracking at Ulu Tembeling etc. Just keep my fingers crossing to made it real. It is time for us to put the words into action. Thats all for today.. a lot of projects need to do.. catch later~ BETTY GONZALEZ!! haahha..

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

back to basic (O.O)

Last thursday agenda:

- Awal Muharam where muslim folks celebrating their new yer according to Islamic months.

I decided to go back to my hometown on thursday evening to celebrate the arrival of my parents from Haji.. Actually they will be arrived on friday at 9.45 am morning from KLIA. One of my uncle has already met my parents at KLIA coz he is one of MAS pilot. The situation in Kuantan Airport was full of emotion+thankful tears becoz they finally returned back safely. Grandma,uncle and aunty are also there at the moment. Then, all of us go back to our luvly village. Father and mom keep on story me the highest experiences there which makes me wanna go hence to do the 5th of Rukun Islam too someday. God wills.

On da next morning (Saturday), after taking my breakfast, my cousins and i reached out our hands to help my uncle keep on eyes on our new frends which is kambing2 (imported n local). Such a splendid moment whereby it brings ourselves to play around with all dirty stuffs likes (clean the poops, feed them, etc). So thats y i always called myself as "kampong boy" to lemme bear in mind the roots i am. I prefer not to publish the pictures of me cleaning those dirty stuffs here to keep the privacy of mylife. I returned back to Shah Alam on Sunday evening together wit my sister by Plusliner Bus.

At this moment, actually I just got back from swimming n decided to post new story for my memories. All of sudden, i think maybe one day, i will give this electronic diaries URL to my decents someday for them to read all my wonderful moment.. Hehe.. best2!! Time to sign off for now. Bye2 n gud nite!

Time to sleep ZzZZZzZZZz

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

one fine day (^.^)v

just got back from swimming at Pusat Renang UiTM.. So lenguh2 badan coz quite a long time i didnt go for swimming even exercising. So that is the thing happened when our body get shocked when u did sumtin unusuall. Neva mind.. No pain no gain. Actually, when da class started, some of da nok nok keep saying me tat im too slim.. hmm they just keep saying that silly thing w/o knowing y im look like this. Cuti2 mana makan sodap2 coz my parents not around in malaysia. Doing ibadah haji n b part of pilgrism. So proud of them n cant wait to see them back on this friday. Hm... as time goes by, assignment keep on burden plus thesis.. So i need a full of moral support especially from my fam+frends+lecturers. So malas la nak pk pasal apa or cakap pasal kita s long s ur health level is excellent n keep fit bro!.. today, i nak share dgn u all my music genre tat i luv to hear.. Last couples of day, i stayed up untill 3 a.m becoz i just got stuck with this type of genre which is REGGAETON.. The famous dj (latino dj) is DJ santarosa i guess..Ya he is.. Very fresh.Just check it out!! yeah

MySpace URL:
DJ Santarosa

Here i hav suggest the songs that u should listen to:-

- I Like To Move It 2007
- Reggaeton hip hop mix
- Igual Que Tu

For sure u will feel da excitement similarly in da latin club ya!!! Aribbbaaaaaa....

Monday, January 7, 2008

grouping crisis AVP2

Today i am facing a common problem once entering new semester which is set up a study grop for one of my core course. Actually, im not fassy but yes i am.. haha watsoever.. To be honest, i prefer to work with da "chicks" because they much much more understand the goal n objectives of study(although some of them may lost somewhere sumtimes but no one cares). This is my final semester n i hav to do n prove sumtin that made my parents proud of me. So, come on guysss.. wake up.. Some of them just sit in front of da stupid computer n playing pc games while some of them loafing around 12 a.m in da middle of da nite.. WTF! I just hate that attitude. We as a human, must have the skills of dividing the time of leisures,study,etc then we can be like a one million dollar man. So, i have no choice hence have to pick n work with da "batang" throughout da sem. The suckest thing that made me really pissed of is that some of them just pretending to know wat was happened in da class but the fact is, they didnt come to da class.. Aiyoyo.. Just like mamat kulit hitam kat bawah flat ni yang suka bertenggek atas moto tunggu ayam jantan bertelur.. wakakakkaka...Just pray for everyone success. I hope my team members who read this, will take n action upon request by da leader.. hahah.. Gala gala bil ya!! kikikik.. peace out..

Sunday, January 6, 2008

It's not too late (o.O)

Happy new yer 2008. May this yer bring such a great opportunity for my forseeable future. Hye everyone... ya, it sounds a little bit late for me to start blogging however i'm thinking of sumtin that makes me wanna to do it. Its been a long time for me to put words into action and now i made it real. In short, I jump into the blog's world. With full of passion on this arena, i do it though. Actually, i get used to write a blog since last yer in 2007 where me and my frends had to do sort of community project. Neva mind, i will attach the url later when i do major improvement to this humble blog. Yay, at last, this is da moment where i will express my FEELING and PASSION(excluded da privacy one heh!!) to the world.. Let the world hear of my little tiny voice. For the first thing, lemme introduce myself:

Nickname:just called me cikkai(abbreviation of encik khai.) not da cikai one huh
D.O.B:21st July 1986 (so u calculate urself wat my age is)
P.O.B:Hospital Besar Kuantan, Pahang

Background Study: Bsc(HONS) Information System Engineering
University:UiTM Malaysia (Shah Alam branch)

Hobbies/Interets: I have highly passion of modelling as well as runaway model. But i never go for casting yet. Ya, maybe one day. Shopping is actually more on feminin side of interest but who says that men cant have hobby like that? haha.. smack on ur head k! One more thing, oohhh i luv fashion.. seriously! OMG it seems like, i am high-maintenance person-type ya!! No, not really.. I dont have millions of money like OPRAH to afford that branded thing only if u wanna buy me all those stuffs for me. Once in a blue moon buleh la. So many things to do with money kan! Study and family first only then talk about other priority.

I also have interest on business. Not da direct selling one or even MLM but sumtin that u can see the market growth with ur naked eyes. For sure ianya HALAL which means allowed in Islam. In addition to that, my father's family side has running several business project such as opened up several pharmacies outlet in Pahang. Lately, they turn into Farm Industry. It is inspired me a lot. I ever to work together with my cousins to plant about 30-40 baby coconut trees on 50 hectars of land in wide. Cant wait to see the result. Just keep my fingers crossing to the endeavour that keep on continually ahead.

On the other hand, i'm in my final semester rite now. Currently doing my final year project on web development (for sure i will cited the url once i hav finished the implementation). So thats all for now. Seriously its 6.32 am. I sign off dulu. Nite or gud morning huh? watsoever.

p/s: thanks to abah who bought me this laptop(end of yer 2007) for my study. Allah bless both of u abah and mak.