Wednesday, April 30, 2008


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yay.. the room was allocated for cs226 and the presentation will be held on 14th May Wednesday. But the best part is On 15 may there will be a launching of Mobile Solution System development Center at Level 3 , CS2 which will be attended by Ministry of Higher Education and industries. The faculty had decided for best project of each program shall be exhibit once again during the Ministry visit. The exhibition shall start at 8 am to 12 p.m. at the corridor CS2, ground level. Coordinators will contact directly to those who are presenting on 15 May. So, please be informed of the above matter. Weeeeee.... For further details, feel free to check out this blog ACTUALLY u have to visit the blog because u will noe where the presentation place for you though.!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

purest of pain

Explaination of this pic:
1. Me with da big smile
2. Big bird with da sejadah (suddenly repented)
3. Abaz with my Gantt Chart
We are happy tree frenzz.. haha

the moment i hand over my final thesis report yesterday evening was really unforgettable and traumatizing me though. I was accompanied by peos, azim and syida as well. After 4 of us got 'ceramah agama' by our thesis coodinator, we left out and having our tea time together-gether. We have revised back how struggle we are in order to finish the repot. Pray, endeavour and tawakkal are the best remedy to ensure the thing tat we have done so far is under Allah S.W.T acknowledge. Forget the past and turn to a new leaf and just bear in mind that every single difficulty lays opportunities. But, make sure we have give the best on it only then we may deserve and redeem the benefits. Gratitute to my beloved family and frends. My apologized for being IGNORANCE lately because im under pressure. May Allah repay ur kindness though. Peace out ya!

Friday, April 25, 2008

miss u guys :X

"i will always remember our splendid time together ya guys. Tear and sadness of struggling will make us stronger than they way we r now. Nothing much tat we can pay for however the relationship between us is more worthwhile. Keep in touch and may Allah always grant us taufiq to act upon His command and follow the way shown by our beloved Rasulullah saw... "

Teddies dont hug back, but sometimes they're all you've got

Bsc (HONS) Info. System Engineering Batch 2005

Monday, April 21, 2008

tema hari ini

"come on la beb, nothing to be worried unless
u did sumting stupido to me
then i will worry people.."
DONT CHA.. haha

Sunday, April 20, 2008

go ahead~

nak sombong ngan aku? go ahead..... tak nak kawan ngan aku? go ahead..... Aku terima seadanya.. Tapi the sad thing about u is, whenever u ignoring, just realized tat sumday, u will need me to help u though rite (Besides Allah S.W.T). Then, mula la begging for mercy.... Tak paham la, tak dpt nak buat la.. apa la itula inila... But, luckily im the person yang layan seme jenis manusia without any assumption. Maybe da way i talk to the smart person a little bit diff with the goofy one. All i can say is, go ahead. Im happy wit mylife now. Im just thinking my mak dan my daddy rite now. Last time aku balik masa CNY.. lama tuhhhh!!!. Time tepon mak, Emak asyik suruh aku keja kat dubai je. Abah plak no komen.. Susah2 keje je kat ladang tu.. Erk~ penatla abah..Luas sangat.. ngehehhe.. Setakat nak supervise mat2 indon yang keje kat situ leh la.. haha..

Friday, April 18, 2008

begging for mercy:~

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"wee senonotnya.. kelas 5 days a week cam keje 9am-5pm"

Sudah berminggu lamanya ku tidak memperbaharui blog yang dicintai ini. But for sure for those who has posted a comment, i will reply it to ur blog too. Dun worry. Ada satu minggu lagi utk saya menyiapkan tesis yang malatop bah!!! Doakan kejayaan saya. So pada pukul 2.51 a.m Malaysia ini, saya nak upload screensot ni buat tatapan kalian seme bahawasanya selepas tamat pengajian saya di university, i have to seat for about 1 month pluss to complete wat we call Professional Certificate which organized by Microsoft Company colloboration with Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi. So saya dah pon memilih kursus MCAD Microsoft Certificate Application Developer for this course. Actually this course is free for graduate student rather than u take it outside which will cost about 10 thousand sumting camtu. So, take jela this oppurtunity to add my knowledge in web programming as well as my CV curiculum vitae.. huhu.. Tats all lah, nak cont buat kerja.. lot of love guys!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

u dont no such thing

- just giv me some spaces-

Saturday, April 12, 2008

portfolio ~:)

Kind of too busy finishing my thesis.. Perhaps after all of my struggling to complete my thesis is over, i can update my blog frequently and back to my normal life. Do pray for my success.. Btw, these are some of the screenshots for my thesis system development with the title "Web Paper Submission System for The International Conference Business IT 2008 website".

"Login interface"

"User Interface"

p/s: click the picture to enlarge the size.. TQ

Thursday, April 10, 2008

bad bad Wilder...

Day by day, we heard and read news regarding on misperception of Islam in mass media. Well, enemy is always enemy and this is not a brand new of the way to demolish Islam in muslim daily life. In fact, this was happened in Prophet Muhammad's S.A.W era. However, as a continuity of our beloved prophet's struggle in fighting against Islamic enemy, we have to be sensitive of what they have done to our religion so far. Yesterday, i have got an email from one of my friend (credit to Syahida Sulaiman) and tend to open it. Then i downloaded the picture which was attached to the email. I view and read it literally. This time is about holy Al-Quran. Although the news was in August last yer, but it seems a new for me. I want to highlight some of the "vital" words for u to think how irresponsible and irrespective towards our religion. ~sigh*

1. they describing Al-Quran as a "fascist book" which is calls on people to kill non-believers and rape women.

cikkai's comment: eh hello, no make sense at all la beruk!! (Manusia adalah sebaik2 kejadian namun, manusia yang tak berilmu lebih rendah martabatnya dari seekor binatang)

2. Wilders aka beruk compares the Muslim holy book to Mein Kampf, Adolft Hitler's autobiography and said the Quran has "no place in our constitutional state".

cikkai's comment: hey dude, all u have to do is just leave ur wat eber state and live in the jungle together with ur great great great great granpa Darwin. Come onla, we are all live in modern democracy what..

3. "call on Muslims to oppress, prosecute or kill Christians, Jews, dissidents and non-believers, to beat and rape women and to establesh an Islamic state by force"

cikkai's comment: eh, maybe u have read the fake translation of Quran lehhh. Or u just dont understand to read arabic.. Pity for that.. lol

4. "I am fed up with Islam in the Netherlands: no more Muslim immigrants allowed. I am fed up with the worship of Allah and Muhammad in the Netherlands: no more mosques."

cikkai's comment: U r so demeaning, freaky and my frankly speaking for Wilder is Semoga anda dilaknat olehNya dan malaikat. Dont blame others but cermin diri sendiri la... Also fed with ur statement what.. Credit for me and debit for u.. lmao..

..Sorry cant enlarge the pic size.. U can giv or email so i can forward it to u

Comments from viewers are much appreciated

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Encik Bekam

Eh, korang mesti kenal ngan cik bekam kan. Ni i nak story molly sket. Haha.. Belom cita dah nak tergelak.. Hari tu, aku ada tgk cita Keluarga di 9 setiap hari pukul 1 di tentunya di TV9 dekat.........di hati. Topic on tat day was tattoo and piercing. Besela anak2 muda skang ni. Ada ke diorang ckp trend. Trend kepala lutut diorang.. hahah.. Yang laki nak gak bersubang walhal ianya HARAMMM. Takde makna nak cool beb. Tak hisap rokok baru la cool... Back to da story. Lepas tu, pengacara Benji adala jemput ustaz nak komen pasal isu tatu dan bertindik ni. Dia ckapla, Nabi Muhammad S.A.W tak tegur pon perempuan memakai subang. Pada suatu masa dahulu, golongan wanita menyerahkan segala emas, subang utk tujuan sedekah atau peperangan (tak pasti). Lepas tu Nabi tak de plak ckp, "Ni napa pakai subang2 ni?". Oleh yang demikian, para alim ulama berpendapat bahawa wanita dibolehkan memakai subang aka barang perhiasan. Kenapa lelaki pulak hukumnya haram memakai subang? Kan dalam Al-Quran ada menyebut, haram bagi lelaki yang menyerupai wanita. Maapla ye, saya tak ingat surah ke berapa. Dalam proses utk mempertingkatkan ilmu Al-Quran saya InsyaAllah. (^o^). So, sebagai konklusinya, kita harus berbangga dengan agama kita yang sempurna ini. Ada sebab ke atas setiap perkara yang Halal dan Haram. Kehebatan atau ke "cool" lan sesorang itu bukan dinilai dgn bertatu atau bertindik.. Murah nya nilai harga diri sesorang itu! Allah tak memandang pada paras rupa, tubuh badan sesorang tapi sebaliknya amal ibadah dan ketakwaan kepadaNya yang disanjung tinggi. Bak kata ustaz tu, cik bekam memang la hebat bermain bola sepak. Tapi, BELOM TENTU CIK BEKAM BOLEH MAKAN BUDU macam saya.. har har har.... Sekian dulu.. peace!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Kisah ketam & kodok

~Saya Encik Crab~

Hari ni kita baca kisah ketam dan kodok... Tapi perlu diketahui bahawa KODOK bukan seketurunan dgn CICAK (kpd cik booooolat) hehe...... Hav fun!!

Ketam ketip kuku kakinya. Kawan karib Ketam, Kodok, kata kepada Ketam,”Kenapa kau ketip kuku kaki kau,Ketam… kenapa?” Ketam kata, “Ku ketip kuku kakiku kerana kuku kakiku kelurut… kakakku kata, kalau kukuku kelurut, kita kena ketiplah! “Kodok kentut kekeliruan. Kodok kata kekalutan, “Kadang-kadang kalau kukuku kelurut, ku ketip kenapa keluar kudis?” Ketam ketawa, kah..kah..kah..kah..kih..kih..kih..kih..Kuh..kuh..kuh..kuh!!

Kodok..Kodok.. kenapa kadar kebodohan kau ketara keterlaluan?” Kodok kata kepada Ketam, “Ketam. Kenapa kau ketawakan ku?” Ketam kilas,”Kelakar.” “Kelakar ke kurang-ajar?” kata Kodok. Kerana kemarahan Kodok keterlaluan, Kodok keperok kepala ketam kuat kadar kilat.”kelekuk ! “, kepala Ketam kehancuran kerana kena keperok Kodok. Ketam kata,”Kodok.. Kodok.. kenapa kau keperok kepalaku? Kan kesakitan.” Kesian Ketam. Kerana kurang-ajar, kepala kena keperok.

~saya kodok yang comeii~

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Kisah sesumpah :~

Seekor sesumpah suka makan sampah akhirnya disumpah. Sungguh sadis sesumpah di sumpah menjadi sesumpah sawan, sesumpah bersumpah kepada sesumpah agar menyumpah sesumpah yang bersumpah kepada sesumpah disumpah agar menyumpah. Sumpahan sesumpah kepada sesumpah yang bersumpah kepada sesumpah disumpah agar menyumpah sesumpah yang disumpah. Sesumpah disumpah dan dipanggil sesumpah.

Moral of da story: SUMPAH aku sakit hati sms yang kawan aku kasi ni! haha.. It is just a humor of da hectic day

Saturday, April 5, 2008

dont u dare ...~

"Dont u wish a boyfriend tat HOT like me
Dont u wish a boyfriend tat freak like me
Dont cha
Dont u dare to disturb me while im busy
Dont cha"


Thursday, April 3, 2008

Jom Boycott!!

These are the products that we as Muslims should boycott to prostest upon Denmark on wat they have done to our holy Islam literally.

1. Dutch Lady - Susu 2. Ferrero Roche - Coklat 3. Wall’s - Ais Krim 4. Ing -Insurans 5. Planta -Magerin 6. Lady’s Choice -Magerin 7. Lipton -Teh 8. Shell -Minyak 9. Knorr -Perisa Makanan1 0. Dove -Mandian 11. Sunlight -Magerin/Pencuci Pinggan 12. Radiant -Deodoran 13. Rexona -Deodoran 14. Ponds -Produk Kecantikan 15. Kieldsens -Coklat 16. Slimfast -Produk Pelangsing 17. Lego -Kismis 18. Philips -Barangan Elektrik 19. Duyvis -Makanan Ringan 20. Gouda -Keju 21. Robin -Pencuci Lantai/Pakaian 22. Ariel -Pencuci Lantai/Pakaian 23. Omo -Pencuci Lantai/Pakaian 24. Labello -Lip Balm 25. Pickwick -Teh 26. Venz -Mentega Coklat 27. Kinder Bueno -Coklat 28. Unilever -Syarikat 29. Dumex -Susu Tepung 30. Nutricia -Susu Bayi 31. Sunsilk -Shampoo 32. Fair & Lovely -Produk Kecantikan 33. Lux -Mandian 34. Vaseline -Lip Balm 35. Cif -Pencuci Lantai 36. Surf -Pencuci Kain 37. Wishbone -Pencuci Kain 38. Doriana - Keju Krim 39. Bertolli -Minyak Masak 40. Clear -Shampoo 41. Breeze -Pencuci Kain 42. Sun -Pencuci Kain.

You have heard on what that magazine in Denmark has published?. It's making fun of our beloved PROPHET MUHAMMAD (SAW) by drawing pictures of him and describing him as a terrorist. Moreover, they refused to apologize because they considered it a practice of freedom and democracy. I ask you all to put your hands with other MUSLIMS and boycott the Denmark's products. 1.6 billion Muslimscould really slap the economy in Denmark.

Sumber: Persatuan Pemuda Islam Malaysia

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Gifted for da wrong way ~:(

salam sejahtera,

Meja di Jabatan Perdana Menteri Malaysia dikejutkan lagi dgn kes Sufiah Yusuf mencipta sejarahnya yang tersendiri apabila beliau diterima masuk ke pengajian di Universiti Oxford pada usia 13 tahun. Cerita tentang beliau yang terjerumus ke kancah pelacuran tersebar luas. Segalanya ada di di sini. Apa yg ingin dikongsi di sini adalah sejauhmana peranan ibu bapa dalam mendidik anak2 supaya tidak terlalu autoritarian dan akhirnya anak itu menderita. Hari ini, di rancangan Wanita Hari Ini 2 April, Datuk Dr. Masitah Ibrahim telah dihubungi bagi memberi maklum balas terhadap isu ini. Beliau yang bertindak selaku Timbalan Menteri Dalam Hal Ehwal Agama di Jabatan Perdana Menteri berkata satu jawatankuasa badan khas akan dilantik bagi menyiasat perkara ini. Selain itu, ramai juga pihak yang sanggup membantu saudari Sufiah untuk memberi khidmat kaunseling khususnya. Amat setuju dengan kata2 Dr Masitah yang menasihati ibu bapa supaya jgn terlalu menekan anak di awal usia untuk menjadikannya seolah2 alat eksperimen bagi menentukan kerjaya mereka dewasa kelak. Sedarlah wahai ibu bapa bahawa, mereka yang masih kanak2 sememangnya gemar bermain dan jgn disekat perkembangan sahsiahnya itu. Mungkin ada ibu bapa tidak mahu anak mereka menjadi seperti mereka suatu ketika dahulu lantaran memaksa untuk mereka belajar dan terus belajar. Nah, sebagai bukti Sufiah berkata ianya suatu penyeksaan mental dan fizikal! Akhirnya, mengambil jalan singkat melakukan perbuatan terkutuk. Anak2 adalah naif. Mereka akan turuti segala kemahuan kedua ibubapa kesayangannya. Tapi, ibu bapa perlu ingat. Sikap terlalu meletakkan harapan yang tinggi menjadikan anak2 tertekan utk memenuhi permintaan ayah bonda. Tidak mahu menjadi derhaka waima menzalimi diri sendiri. Pabila dewasa, baru minda si kecil terbuka luas. Culture shock dan sebagainya. Disebabkan jauh dari ibubapa, inilah peluang utk "lari" dari sistem paksa belajar yang menyeksakan.

Sejarah Islam merakam ramai tokoh yang genius di zaman kanak-kanaknya. Figura seperti al-Syafie, al-Ghazzali, al-Nawawi, malah tokoh lewat era Moden seperti Muhammad Abduh dan Badi’ al-Zaman Said al-Nursi, telah mempamerkan ketokohan mereka semenjak di usia kecil. Manusia teragung sepanjang zaman iaitu Nabi Muhammad S.A.W juga tidak dilupa.

Apakah rahsia mereka? Bagi saya, Islam telah menyelamatkan kita semua. Tak kira sejauh mana kecerdikan kita, tapi tanpa Islam tak sempurna iman seseorang itu. Segala terletak pada individu jua. Bersama2 kita berdoa supaya golongan genius yang lain seperti adik adi putra juga dilindungi olehNya. Amin..

p/s: Kisah2 pelajar Genius Malaysia juga ada di sini