Friday, July 11, 2008

al kisahnya......

early this morning i drove the car alone although my head a little bit dizzy after swallowed strong medicine yesterday before went to sleep. my face doesnt look fresh at all becoz i know whenever i take the strong medicine my body will be tiring, smoky eye-bag, dry skin etc. I still have to take it becoz i hav no excuse for not coming to work. Sungguh la tabah!

i was sent to my respective dept. and got myworkspace. unluckily my workspace holy crap tooooot opposite to da technical expert room+main road to take coffee,milo from the automade machine etc. Wat can i say ek about my dept? i love my senior manager, the rest...... so far ok la. i hope they all gila2 punya orang which dun skema2 one. Nothing to do for today, just make small meeting wit my team which consist 4 of us (me, faizzah, mei(my supervisor),ruzy). Basically, wat we are doing is tat, we are managing reports of billing system. It seems vital to the client which is our ****. The most important thing is, I know ur electricity bills history up to 7 years before.

After performing jumaat prayer, borak2 with other frends sampai ke pukul 5. Again, as an executive, cant go back early (bad reputasi maa). Then, i go searching for rent house at jalan kerinchi. I got one. If i agree anytime can move there and proudly my roomate is a doctor. Then after chatting, i explore that little 'sardin' house to meet other penghuni, im shocked to found one man (big size, long hair with uban here and there) sitting in front of his lappy. Seriously, i feel erkkkkkkk.... im in trouble.

I prefer to rent a room so more privacy and conducive. Again KL is fcking demanding with high cost of living. Sucks! If i rent any house there, so i just spend rm1.40 per day for LRT. If malas, just walk al da way to my opis lah.. So any of u want me to be ur house mate? Kindly contact me asap.

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