Saturday, July 26, 2008

bleeding love (~.~)

bleeding love song singing by Leona Lewis is absolutely terrific however bleeding nose suffered by me doesnt comfortable at all. Almost 2 days my nose was bleeding coz of 'kepala panas'. Plus, there is a small wound inside my nose. So for sure i have to provide a box of tissue to wipe it out so that the blood is not dirtying my shirt, pillow blablabla. So as for conclusion, make sure i drink a lot of mineral water and keep on maintaining my body temperature to the normal level. If not im just wasting my blood flowing freely from my nose instead of donate it to sumone who really need it. Ahaks. Atau pon im just sooo happy coz already get my first salary? who knows? sampai hidung berdarah. So, im ready to leisure my time at the moment with amount of penny and see u around next time. Bubbyee =)

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