Wednesday, June 4, 2008

my boo :x

warkah berlagu pilu buat sayangku, Bawang Merah;
kehadapan dan kebelakang awek ku Bawang Merah yang kucing tahi (kucintai)

im feel lonely lately. Doesnt mean tat u have to be here beside me for all da times. Doesnt work tat way though. Maybe my frends are now happy getting flirt with their new couple n im happy for them. If we have declared to be as a couple, doesnt mean tat we have to over da border line. I also don wat to control ur life as like wat other boiprend do upon his opposite sex. However, veto power is work sumtimes! U know da fact tat we both are far apart. Im hoping u realize tat my heart is getting blunt yer by yer. I need Sumone tat i can share my happiness, sadness and life forever after (human being natural characteristics). But u know me tat im independant aite? Its true wat my frend have said.. "kalo awek tak sayang pon, masih ada yang sayang kan." whos? "The Almighty Al-Quddus". Suddently repented.

gila bayang akhirnya ------> ciannn :(


(^_^)V said...

getting blunt?
p asah balik.iskisk~

kang nanti sy bg adiah 'sharpener' =)

cikkai said...

hehe.. suka ek tukar2 nama sender,.. skali anonymous skali ndm_sofia etc.. :p