Wednesday, June 11, 2008

black mail the teacher V2

dont act like u r really busy in da computer lab becoz my previous instructor knows wat u r doing :) and luckily she is no longer available to teach us here

pity for her. Today is da last day for my instructor to be here.
Prior to tat, early this morning, she got a phone call from high level management about yesterday incident. After got ceramah perdana from big boss, she kinda moody and felt guilty though. One student has lodge a report to 3P coordinator which is UiTM staff instead of Prestariang's staff! So, it becomes a big issue la kan sebab orang UiTM tahu dulu dari pihak consultant. Then before the class start, she apologized for yesterday incident.

Then, everything is back to normal. Tapi still macam abnormal jek! Peers start to chat, surf mail etc w/o any surveillance anymore. She just talk non-stop in order to finish another 5 modules. For me, im not very happy because the situation of both sides are kinda 'tegang' and quite stress becoz she is sulking and never ask us question anymore. She rather answer it on her own. Plus, a few of the students didnt come to class. From wat i have heard, they don want to face the instructor anymore. No comment on tat stup*d thing..

As far as im concerned, the instructor is very expert on this field of study but yet she didnt convey her teaching method in da rite way kot! entahla, because first thing we have to know background of the person only then we can implement suitable teaching style. In the evening, i memberanikan diri utk berborak a bit with her about situasi pekerjaan hari ini. Malas nak cita menda smalam buat sakit pala. I tend to gain knowledge from the person who eat garam first then her responds is very positive. Before going back to home, i say thanks to her and she gave me her biz card. After this, she will go to T'ganu having the same thing also (teaching student). Bid farewell and God bless je lah. Esok instructor baru plak.. sigh~!


Mr. Azman said...

Am I the first One? huhuhu.... yup~

Actually, nothing I can't say to much. You just aloud me to typing only lol~

So, right now you're not able to charm or make vodoo's to your teah la? Hahhahaha...

I've already facing like this situation before. But, since I'm finished my study, seriously, she the most angry teacher I've been remembered. Others was lost in my mind... some where...

Good Luck for your successfull,

cikkai said...

yela cik kreuger.. kekadang cikgu yang garang ni kita slalu ingat instead of cikgu yang berhemah.. mana2 jela. Papepon bila hari guru tetap pegi jumpa cikgu garang tu.. hehe :)

eMiNz said...

tp yg xbest nyer..
sket2 tukar ckgu..
sket2 ckgu tukar..
apa kes nie..?
mgkn ko da biase kowt..

Anonymous said...

saya sayang OM baru kita. OM baru kita amat sesuai bersama kelas kita. 33 kurang 3 sama dengan 30 ya nak. terima kasih. permisi ya.

cikkai said...

ya betul tu pak.. btw, our new teacher's name is Bambang Fanny Indarto from Jakarta. Very good maaa ~ sempi dok ada