Saturday, June 28, 2008

100 celebrating

salam ya all!

today im celebrating my 100 entries and im proud tat i manage to write as much as i can. Firstly, i want to stress ere tat my blog is all about my life nothing to do wit entertainment local industry even international. A thousand smiles and million soory for not updating my blog for all this while. I try to stable my daily routine first but yet i still have a time to have a sneak on my blog although im not prepare to write sumting on it. Im sure for the next coming 2 weeks i'll have much time on my blog after settling up my work stuff. Thanks to all bloggers for ur supports towards my blog and hopefully u guys can leave comments and share ur ideas on how to expand my blog skills so tat this blog can be the must-go-see too :) As i hav mentioned before, the transition from study life to working life messed me a bit coz im feel tat im still a student instead of a worker. Neva mind, once the salary is debited then i realize ohhh, just kerja2 then gaji masuk rather than blaja2 then result kuar. Time to keyboard off, till then.. bye :)


Mr. Azman said...

100 entries celebration ek? So suprising. It's hard to achive if no support from other bloggers.

Hopefully you're maintain and keep posting your blog as much as you can. I'll try my best to be your favourite comentor. Lol~

Actually, I always proud to be the first comentor in any blog. Hahahah... what can I sez, coz be the first... I've lot thing can sez.

I'll waiting your looping entri 101 to reverse back your first time be a blogger. Keep on posting and updating... hope to hear from your soon.


cikkai said...

hehe .. thanks bro and i admit tat u r my lucky number one.. ahahh ;p