Monday, June 2, 2008

meet new frends :)

31st May 2008
- 7am on saturday morning i headed to Uniten Bangi with one 'balik kampong' bag togather-gather with peos and his gf aka my frend too.
- i was reached at 7.30am and 300 participants from all over malaysia were there for one purpose.
- some came with parents, frends even alone.
- guys wearing smart clothes like want to apply for pilot post!

- after registration, we entered Abu Zarim Hall for listening to Open Speech by HR GM about TNB and this Competency Observation Through Group Activitiy (COGA) program.
- although my mata kinda sleepy coz a bit tired, i can see that 90% of the participants were male.
- i also proud tat majority were Malay.

- for the whole day, we have undergo 11 indoors activities .
- da last activity was completing journal 500 words minimum in 20 minutes.
- before going back to apartment, we were given another journal test to be completed 1500 words minimum and hand over it tomorow morning at 8.
- seriously i was sleepy and tired tat nite however manage to did for about 2000 plus words unintentionally. I was thinking that, my essay was just below 1000 words.

1st June 2008
- woke up at 6.15am.
- after performing Subuh prayer, i continue writing my essay.
- waiting in the Uniten bus at 6.45am and had a breakfast at 7.10am.

- completed another 7 activities successfully although pura2 happy.
- photograph session.
- last speech at Abu Zarim hall.
- singing Negaraku and TNB corporate song.

- had lunch at 1.00pm.
- pack belongings at 1.30pm
- 2 pm went back to S.A

As conclusion, we are the first batch that had went through this kinda program. Before this, applicants only have one interview.

"Bukan senang nak senang
Bukan susah nak susah
Bukan susah nak senang
Segalanya terletak pada diri anda"


p/s: Suka sangat lagu SHILA OIAM - Memori tercipta!!! :)

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