Monday, January 21, 2008

wat da heck!

hav u ever sit in da concert for 4 hours non-stop? Entertainment sometimes made us "lalai+leka".. Towards the end, the concert ended by the fans shouting wanna extend da concert sampai pagi. WAT DA HECK?? Gilo ko apo.. die hard fans watsoever.. But today, i ever sit in da classroom for about 4 hours. Quite tiring coz we just angguk2 geleng2 tunduk2 ikut telunjuk.. Dear God, please forgive the entire mankind for pretending that we r in da class listening to da lecture. The truth is, our soul+spirit was not there. Flying away at all... So, as conclusion, 2 hours is enough for us! not more than that... sigh~~~~~:(

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