Tuesday, January 29, 2008

future projects (z.z)

2 posters or banners for today!!!. Yayyyy :) Ya, thats me a multi-tasking person. U can see one of my artwork above. It is very simple but meaningful and it can touch my housemate's heart. Hhahhhaa...crapp!! I just wanna let da readers know that, if im not a future system engineer, i will jump into interior design+business field+fashion advisor. OMG!! I just lov to be like Designer Guys+successfull business man. Maybe i can expand my business via internet. Who knows? kan kan... InsyaAllah. Neva mind la.. Wat ever+kind of areas that u stady, just go for it. Ilmu Allah ini luas dan kita wajib mempelajarinya. So, for those who r interested to join venture with me, just lemme noe. Maybe ur brilliant ideas can change da world!! Fuiyohhh.. What a bombastic thoughts. Ya ya, sharing is caring!! Voice out ok.. n peace out!

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