Tuesday, January 8, 2008

one fine day (^.^)v

just got back from swimming at Pusat Renang UiTM.. So lenguh2 badan coz quite a long time i didnt go for swimming even exercising. So that is the thing happened when our body get shocked when u did sumtin unusuall. Neva mind.. No pain no gain. Actually, when da class started, some of da nok nok keep saying me tat im too slim.. hmm they just keep saying that silly thing w/o knowing y im look like this. Cuti2 mana makan sodap2 coz my parents not around in malaysia. Doing ibadah haji n b part of pilgrism. So proud of them n cant wait to see them back on this friday. Hm... as time goes by, assignment keep on burden plus thesis.. So i need a full of moral support especially from my fam+frends+lecturers. So malas la nak pk pasal apa or cakap pasal kita s long s ur health level is excellent n keep fit bro!.. today, i nak share dgn u all my music genre tat i luv to hear.. Last couples of day, i stayed up untill 3 a.m becoz i just got stuck with this type of genre which is REGGAETON.. The famous dj (latino dj) is DJ santarosa i guess..Ya he is.. Very fresh.Just check it out!! yeah

MySpace URL:
DJ Santarosa

Here i hav suggest the songs that u should listen to:-

- I Like To Move It 2007
- Reggaeton hip hop mix
- Igual Que Tu

For sure u will feel da excitement similarly in da latin club ya!!! Aribbbaaaaaa....

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