Sunday, January 6, 2008

It's not too late (o.O)

Happy new yer 2008. May this yer bring such a great opportunity for my forseeable future. Hye everyone... ya, it sounds a little bit late for me to start blogging however i'm thinking of sumtin that makes me wanna to do it. Its been a long time for me to put words into action and now i made it real. In short, I jump into the blog's world. With full of passion on this arena, i do it though. Actually, i get used to write a blog since last yer in 2007 where me and my frends had to do sort of community project. Neva mind, i will attach the url later when i do major improvement to this humble blog. Yay, at last, this is da moment where i will express my FEELING and PASSION(excluded da privacy one heh!!) to the world.. Let the world hear of my little tiny voice. For the first thing, lemme introduce myself:

Nickname:just called me cikkai(abbreviation of encik khai.) not da cikai one huh
D.O.B:21st July 1986 (so u calculate urself wat my age is)
P.O.B:Hospital Besar Kuantan, Pahang

Background Study: Bsc(HONS) Information System Engineering
University:UiTM Malaysia (Shah Alam branch)

Hobbies/Interets: I have highly passion of modelling as well as runaway model. But i never go for casting yet. Ya, maybe one day. Shopping is actually more on feminin side of interest but who says that men cant have hobby like that? haha.. smack on ur head k! One more thing, oohhh i luv fashion.. seriously! OMG it seems like, i am high-maintenance person-type ya!! No, not really.. I dont have millions of money like OPRAH to afford that branded thing only if u wanna buy me all those stuffs for me. Once in a blue moon buleh la. So many things to do with money kan! Study and family first only then talk about other priority.

I also have interest on business. Not da direct selling one or even MLM but sumtin that u can see the market growth with ur naked eyes. For sure ianya HALAL which means allowed in Islam. In addition to that, my father's family side has running several business project such as opened up several pharmacies outlet in Pahang. Lately, they turn into Farm Industry. It is inspired me a lot. I ever to work together with my cousins to plant about 30-40 baby coconut trees on 50 hectars of land in wide. Cant wait to see the result. Just keep my fingers crossing to the endeavour that keep on continually ahead.

On the other hand, i'm in my final semester rite now. Currently doing my final year project on web development (for sure i will cited the url once i hav finished the implementation). So thats all for now. Seriously its 6.32 am. I sign off dulu. Nite or gud morning huh? watsoever.

p/s: thanks to abah who bought me this laptop(end of yer 2007) for my study. Allah bless both of u abah and mak.

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