Tuesday, January 15, 2008

back to basic (O.O)

Last thursday agenda:

- Awal Muharam where muslim folks celebrating their new yer according to Islamic months.

I decided to go back to my hometown on thursday evening to celebrate the arrival of my parents from Haji.. Actually they will be arrived on friday at 9.45 am morning from KLIA. One of my uncle has already met my parents at KLIA coz he is one of MAS pilot. The situation in Kuantan Airport was full of emotion+thankful tears becoz they finally returned back safely. Grandma,uncle and aunty are also there at the moment. Then, all of us go back to our luvly village. Father and mom keep on story me the highest experiences there which makes me wanna go hence to do the 5th of Rukun Islam too someday. God wills.

On da next morning (Saturday), after taking my breakfast, my cousins and i reached out our hands to help my uncle keep on eyes on our new frends which is kambing2 (imported n local). Such a splendid moment whereby it brings ourselves to play around with all dirty stuffs likes (clean the poops, feed them, etc). So thats y i always called myself as "kampong boy" to lemme bear in mind the roots i am. I prefer not to publish the pictures of me cleaning those dirty stuffs here to keep the privacy of mylife. I returned back to Shah Alam on Sunday evening together wit my sister by Plusliner Bus.

At this moment, actually I just got back from swimming n decided to post new story for my memories. All of sudden, i think maybe one day, i will give this electronic diaries URL to my decents someday for them to read all my wonderful moment.. Hehe.. best2!! Time to sign off for now. Bye2 n gud nite!

Time to sleep ZzZZZzZZZz

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