Sunday, January 27, 2008

the best therapy ever :-"

Am i a shopaholic person? Haha, just check out the bills only then u may judging me. In conjunction with Chinese New Year celebration, i took this opportunity to find the best discount ever for me to shop.. AHhahahha.. Today, my frends n i go to Mid Valley PJ for shopping. Actually, yesterday we already had some sorts of preliminary shopping at Plaza Masalam. I just accompanied my frends to buy a couple of casual clothes at Reject Shop. For me, although the shop's name is like that, but da price still da same. So, wat i get for today's shopping?? :) In my mind, i aimed to buy a pair of men's straight leg pants+sun glasses. Total for both items is about RM150 laa.. Makan+minyak tong2 as usuall. Prior to that, i had entered to books house n read some of da book's synopsis. I wish, i could have my own mini library in my own house one day. So, i really happy becoz when u buy sumtim that u really want is like a therapy. But make it once in a while unless u inherit Hilton's wealth. Hehe :P But, the best part is, my frends really2 into shopping mood whereby both of them carried stuffs with both hands.. HAha.. They still owe me haaaaaaa..... Ok, i wanna take a bath then cont my work. Adios~! Wink wink..

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