Sunday, January 27, 2008

mickey mouse keys q(O.O)p

i hav lost my motor keys yesterday WTF *^%$!!!! Becoz of that, i hav one crazy riddle with me. Any of u can answer will get a mystery gift from me (just kidding)! The question is, "Siapakah yang menjumpai kunci motor saya?" haha.. pedooh je.. And the answer is "Silalah pulang kepada saya!! waaaaa... mana ntah kunci tu" In a past few minutes before, me n my frends went to da workshop to buy new ignition keys. After the installation process is wrapped up, i hav noticed that the keys are just like a cartoon character "Mickey Mouse".. "It's really Comeyyy," echoed paih. Hahaha.. yes it is!! One of it i will make it as a rantai for me hang it around my neck so that the keys will not lost again. Wat so ever la, yang penting melayang duit aku 56 hengget.... Xoxoxo!!!

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