Thursday, January 31, 2008

last I.S.E.C meetup (w.w)

"Dapat free badge uuu..."

Last nite, after performing my Maghrib prayer, me n my friends were heading to our fac for attending a club meeting. This is actually our last meeting especially for final yer student. Hopefully, all of us grad with flying colors. Ya, seniors are always seniors. Come late to da class n also da meeting. Basically, wat i wanna highlight here is, i expected part 3 aka junior students will occupied da front seats in da hall. But unfortunately, i can count the number of students who attend da meeting last nite with my fingers. They actually dont realized the power of actively participate in a society. In fact, for every semester, we hav to paid RM100 exclusively for outdoor activities. So, wats da point all u guys paid it without utilize it? Ha ha ha.. So sad. As usuall, im very proud of my classmate because some of them can attend da meeting to support the club activity. Just see da pic above how happy we r for most of da time. We are always like that. Honestly, i love the way we taking care of each other although some of us already flirt with their own couple. There is no excuse for us to escape or let it handled by someone else. Just bear in mind da Hukum Karma. Wat world goes around is come around.!! So, thats all for today. Mid sem is just around da corner. I try to post as much as i can. adioss..

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