Wednesday, January 23, 2008

da tutttt~

Once in a week! That is da time where i can meet him in faculty. Yesterday, i saw him sort of lonely becoz his best frend didnt came to school together. I dont know wat da status between us. I already made my apologized last yer. When i met him, he is kinda cool treating me without noticed that im strangely treating him. So pity. Thats wat we called the revenge of manipulating me in da middle of da nite! Social hater!!(reminding me of Amanda in Ugly Betty). As results, separating for better life. Forget bout that saddiest stuff.

This morning, I went to Bukit Cerakah for cycling+jungle tracking. Help to clean da mother nature a bit. Such a sunny day for us having a splendid time together as a whole without racist. Huhu.. I guess u know. Today is a public holiday for Selangor in conjunction with Thaipusam celebration among Hindu community. Take this opportunity to get peace and traquillity of da nature. The best moment in Bukit Cerakah were cycling up n down da hill together with frends + masuk rumah 4 iklim. Luckily, this month is a winter season.. Best!!!! So, thats all for today.. Plus, i dont hav a lecture untill this friday n plan to see my supervisor.. So cuak coz the presentation time on theses progress will be coming soon.. Arghh....!!

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