Sunday, January 20, 2008

tiring :(

it starts with last friday, where everybody busy seeing their supervisor included me. At nite, as usual, i cont my hobby swimming together with my "always come late" frend. On saturday morning, nothing much happens. In da evening, we kinda busy having a short meeting in order to come out with brilliant idea for induction's activities. So, i appointed my frends to buy all the hamper stuffs for the prize. At nite, we hav a poco-poco,chicken and aerobic dance training just for freshies. So for today, i conducted all da aerobic session which is i luv it coz i like to dance+somthing that make my body workable. Yes it is!! Energetic+dynamic i am. Just luv luv. Just wanna say, thanks to all fasillitators for coming to da induction. Although one of da freshies kinda KEKWAT WATSOEVER ^&$%#!!, we treated equally just for fun. If she think she is pretty, my grandma much2 prettier than her. Thats all for today. Really tired coz stayed up in da morning to complete all the tentative program. Ad hoc and last minutes prepared always burden me+pissed me oFf! And i think Mr President made everybody really pissed oFf just because we are frends so just hide it behind for better relationship. Peace out &^%$!

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