Monday, January 7, 2008

grouping crisis AVP2

Today i am facing a common problem once entering new semester which is set up a study grop for one of my core course. Actually, im not fassy but yes i am.. haha watsoever.. To be honest, i prefer to work with da "chicks" because they much much more understand the goal n objectives of study(although some of them may lost somewhere sumtimes but no one cares). This is my final semester n i hav to do n prove sumtin that made my parents proud of me. So, come on guysss.. wake up.. Some of them just sit in front of da stupid computer n playing pc games while some of them loafing around 12 a.m in da middle of da nite.. WTF! I just hate that attitude. We as a human, must have the skills of dividing the time of leisures,study,etc then we can be like a one million dollar man. So, i have no choice hence have to pick n work with da "batang" throughout da sem. The suckest thing that made me really pissed of is that some of them just pretending to know wat was happened in da class but the fact is, they didnt come to da class.. Aiyoyo.. Just like mamat kulit hitam kat bawah flat ni yang suka bertenggek atas moto tunggu ayam jantan bertelur.. wakakakkaka...Just pray for everyone success. I hope my team members who read this, will take n action upon request by da leader.. hahah.. Gala gala bil ya!! kikikik.. peace out..

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