Thursday, January 24, 2008

test123 almost accomplished!!!

First+foremost, the streamyx conn was really bad+sucks!! The line was fluctuated and i dont noe where the signals propagate.. Argh!!! I met my supervisor this morning with less preparation. However, the session is up to one hour although less preparation. Test connection to the server is kinda cool because this is da moment where people around da world will see ur system online.. Seriously gempak!! haha.. (For me la kan as a beginner web programmer). The happy thing always comes in a while and the hardest thing always comes prior to the happy thing. So, i still hav much2 works to do. Someone has to wake me up when I am a little bit loss. HEhe.. Dear God, please forgive my family+i upon our sins. Actually, i'm happy becoz my relationship between me and my dear just running smoothly lately. Ya, ya everybody busy in studies+shes on her final exam (end already). Today, shes will take off to United Kingdom for holidays. Do hav a safe journey, n i just want to let u noe that i luv u very much.. :) . The clock on da wall shows 7.15 pm and after performing maghrib prayer, i will go to swimming. Thats all for today.. This weekend a lot of wonderful things will be coming and just wait to read the upcoming frankly thoughts from my heart.. @;}---- See ya!!!

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