Thursday, April 30, 2009

"work" in the eyes of engineers

One day, a guy from an engineering background came to me and started telling me, “You system analysts are not doing any work!”. I asked him furiously, “Why? What makes you think you engineers are really doing your work?” He answered, “Because…

W = F x s W = work, F = force, s = displacement

From 8am to 5.15pm you just sit on your chair, in front of your computer while doing programming, no force and no displacement. Therefore, you’re doing NO WORK at all!!”

Seriously, are we really not doing our work or is this law of physics a piece of crap? Maybe, in future we should think twice before letting any engineers come and visit us in ICT office. They might say that we have excessive employees and you know what will happen next.

That’s all. Sorry about this ridiculous jokes. Just something to refresh our mind with physics. Hehe!!

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