Friday, April 17, 2009

BI Tools which Foools

Its been almost 4 up to 5 Business Intelligence presentations from various IT based companies such as Oracle, SAP, SAS and Microsoft tat i need to attend thru out this month. Its quite confusing to me at first becoz im personally unprepared in terms of Enterprise Architecture existing in my company, what sort of platform do my division used etc etc. However, these presentations do help me alot in exposing me to the new technologies beside SAP whatsoever. Kira tak syok sendiri dgn product yang ada.. however, as compared to the other industries, everybody always claims that his/her product can do everything when the user try to twist the questions. Having said that their product is fulfill all the needs which users require so, but as i said this is business. You dont have the chance to say NO which potray your product's pitfalls! So this is the thing that makes me to be so relevant and have the sense of not fully trusted at all. So which is the best? Interfaces memang lawa, tapi tgk lebih mendalam. Macam manusia gakla... Jgn pandang pada rupa paras, pandang pada hati dan perasaan.

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