Friday, December 12, 2008

wanna shooot me? dream on

Go go Capture the Flag!!

Gosh, tomolow morning i got a paintball game for the 1st time ever in my life. This game is organized by my section. Spoooky man its like wanna go for the World War. However, i must play like a pro without discriminate whether u r MY BOSS or my peeeers. Hahah! Ini yang kami mahu kan.. Redeem of the revenge. Grrrrrrrr. Lets bring in onnnn uuuu suckerr!!!

Venue: Exy Plus Paintball, Putrajaya
Date: 13rd Dec 2008
Time: 7.45 am (Briefing), 8.00 am (Game Start)
Fees: RM 75+Lunch.

Majulah Sukan utk Kesihatan.. ZzzZZzzz!!!~ Ada game baru nak bersukan.. lousy!


Kakak Tiri said...

Haiyooo... sakitlah badan. Baik-baik lah.

But, it sure fun!

cikkai said...

best!!!! fun coz i already shot my boss.. hahah.. this is da time to revenge..