Thursday, May 29, 2008

what say u?

day by day, i try to be a good person especially to myself. I dont want to hurt my feelings rather than others. Yes people might say im stubborn, selfish or u just name it. What it worth, at the end of da day i get what i want. Lets say, if i dont like to have a 'cat fighting' especially in yahoo messenger with another person, wat i did was i keep invisible upon him or her. Ya, sorry to say. Actually this kinda thing is similar as like my dear said.. hehe.. If u don want other people waiting for ur mistake, so why not? we keep permanetly offline towards him/her aite? Basically what i have said just now is based on my experience so far! People said that im workaholic though. The people that 'stabbed' u from behind will always try to let ur dream down to the earth. For me, im not as easy as what people might think of me. Yes i am workaholic person because im fresh, young and full of energy. I cant stop my engine from relaxing at the garage. Please fully utilized it! So what i get? Satisfaction on my results, family will proud of me, etc. What i didnt get? Holy crap frendship that wont make u matured enough. Frenship that doesnt help u at all like what? Ya, like over take ur prosperity, to be a person to cry on ur shoulder, things like ridiculous. In other word, parasite that suck up ur blood without saying thank you very much! Although u have to be hypocrite sumtimes but dont show it up. Let the atmosphere is well-ventilated enough only then u try to not get involved with him/her anymore. 10 years time, when u suddenly met him/her, then starting to staring each other, then u make ur own move. HAVE WE EVER MET BEFORE? lalalalalala~

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ndm_sofia said...

Finally...u've burst out what's bothering u,hehe~