Monday, May 19, 2008

any idea?

everything is fine ere! w000t da tooot is going on? naaa, im sure every single thing is already checked. But yesterday u promised me to hand over it before afternoon. Eh, have u take ur lunch? sounds gr8 huh! This time ur food is on me. Dont have to pay even a cent!. What about da drink? Is already included on da receipt rite? yeah, yeah... as long as u neva cross da line! I hope u can keep it as a secret. U neva tell it to boss or else, both of us will get fired! Geezz.. Is not a big deal maa.... I never stab my frend from da back what! come on lar. Today is ur bad day then im helping u. Tomorrow, lusa, tulat ...? Hold on a second. R u saying that those days are also my bad day? Arghh.. Hey, i dont finish my words yet. No la, u dont have to be worried. Jeng jeng jeng....

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