Friday, May 23, 2008

dirty talk :)

whos dis two handsome hunk guys? just figure it out

Hairie Isma: cantek nya gambar
seds ew: heheh
seds ew: camera sape?
Hairie Isma: hakeem
seds ew: hauhua
seds ew: pndi2
Hairie Isma: wats da plan tonite kind of bore but i hear u go out with ur gf
seds ew: erm
seds ew: yup
seds ew: spend masa ngan *** jap..
seds ew: after dat din wat to do oso
Hairie Isma: heh, u r outing for about 10 hours
Hairie Isma: and suddenly it is on the next morning wat
Hairie Isma: tomolow still hav a class
seds ew: btul2
seds ew: ader
seds ew: sok ader lg
seds ew: takpe2
seds ew: i so excited..
seds ew: takde hal nye
Hairie Isma: so when the crumpin class will start
seds ew: soon
seds ew: kekeeke
seds ew: after mcad lor
Hairie Isma: hmm.. after mcad im going to work soon
Hairie Isma: so i dont think tat we have a geli2 time together lorr
seds ew: hauahua
seds ew: nvm
seds ew: we still hv a lot of time
seds ew: chiil beb
Hairie Isma: u do have
Hairie Isma: i dun think so
Hairie Isma: ya im workaholic
Hairie Isma: alcoholic
seds ew: ahuahauha
Hairie Isma: shopaholic
seds ew: sekholic
seds ew: *****holic
Hairie Isma: haaa i will miss my universitas life
seds ew: u going to miss me?
seds ew: my ***?
Hairie Isma: eh u really want to move from that freaking house huh?
seds ew: my britney spears stomach?
seds ew: nope..
seds ew: joking only
Hairie Isma: oo
Hairie Isma: wat daaa woooot
seds ew: cain kat bdak2 lain
seds ew: bayar mahal
Hairie Isma: yup and the most crucial thing is tat all of u already immune with all that little tiny creatures like kuman, kutu and those candy 's shits that smell like a shit yooo
Hairie Isma: begging for miracles happen in ur bungalow house
seds ew: ahuahau
seds ew: me not immune
seds ew: me avoiding all the shits
seds ew: hauahauah
Hairie Isma: even the owner cina apek dis believe of his/her rent house gonna be like toooot sound like a wooot wooot
Hairie Isma: haha
seds ew: hauhauah
seds ew: dat bloody chinesse only care bout the money
seds ew: and the tooottt pokok
seds ew: hauahauha
Hairie Isma: ya im afraid ur smell like a shit too and bring da shit to da mcad class
Hairie Isma: wat ta fuuuuk
seds ew: i wont do that toottt fucking toootttt
seds ew: me smell so good
seds ew: till make u horny
seds ew: keekeke
Hairie Isma: heh after u spray a bottle of fragrance still smell like a smelly thang yaa
Hairie Isma: nigga
seds ew: wat the thak
Hairie Isma: except the 2 layer of ur belly, just reserve it for me
seds ew: hauhau
seds ew: damn
seds ew: kekeekke
seds ew: jubus
Hairie Isma: yo i tell u wat yo
Hairie Isma: that 2 layers belly will remind me of OSI layer yoo
Hairie Isma: haha
seds ew: ahauahu
seds ew: iso 99001 or isolat?
Hairie Isma: usolat i just pass on yo
seds ew: kekeke
seds ew: imam al hakim
seds ew: hauhau
Hairie Isma: unless i heard the voice of tok siak calling for azan yo
seds ew: heeheh
Hairie Isma: ultimate bilal is already stand up yo
seds ew: the handsome tok siak rite?
Hairie Isma: just wait the imam for sarung da kain pelikat yo
seds ew: not fotget the best amighul imamman
seds ew: hauhau
Hairie Isma: hehe
Hairie Isma: so funny yo
Hairie Isma: put all da kittens inside da cage yo
seds ew: yeah
Hairie Isma: only then u can perform prayer peacefully yo
seds ew: paan went home...
seds ew: the kitten already inside the cage
Hairie Isma: dont forget to feed da kittens will racun tikus yo
Hairie Isma: hehe
Hairie Isma: eh eh jangan
Hairie Isma: kucing haiwan kesayangan Prophet Muhammad yo
seds ew: i feed wit madi racun yo
Hairie Isma: cannot yo
Hairie Isma: madi already immune with all kind of racun
seds ew: <--- sempat pulak promote blog
Hairie Isma: racun ku minum jadi penawar yo
seds ew: madi yes...but not the kitten
seds ew: eheehe
seds ew: dude
seds ew: brb k
Hairie Isma: ok

ha ha can u read that? im not double standard iso90001 CMMi CMM etc, pilih kasih or bemadu kasih the way i talk wif my frends. Remember, my memory wasnt so bad and i remember every single thought that u ever called me so far.. Yes beware of dogs ya! no jiwang2, tangkap lentok punya. Im 22 and still young and never have a crushed on anibodi yet except my Dear


[suhaili] said...

oh mmg kool gamba itu

cikkai said...

haha.. kami bukan maksudkan gambar diatas tu cik ilie.. ekceli gambar ym peos. Gambar dia tgh pesent fyp. layannnn