Tuesday, May 13, 2008

apakah ? :x

- MON = fyp
- TUE = Profesional Certificate registration
- WED = pesent fyp
- THU = interview Excutive Training Prog at TNB
- FRI = oooo balik kampongg... oooo balik kampong..
- SAT = leisure (bersama OWEN)
- SUN = leisure (bersama NEMO)
- MON = Back to HECTIC city aka Shah Alam yang banyak NYAMOKKK!!!
- TUE = Back to school...(until end of JUN) ~sigh

In short, although im almost complete my degree, the thing is getting busier. The most crucial part is, when will i go to Lowyat for shopping hardware gadjet? Ahhh...penatnya laa.. my parents are not at home when im back coz there were at Ipoh. Heck!!.. Im gonna miss my mom's cook.. Sumbody has to calm me down so that im not [.................] commit suicide. Astaghfirullah...

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