Sunday, May 25, 2008

anyone saw these gals?

vanakkam thalaiva! maneka & jajima in front of taj murah building.
edited by : cikkai.blogspot

heh! of cos u will not see them in Malaysia. Both of them in India at the moment for about one month. These gurls are actually my best fwend aka classmate ever.. but hey, im just wondering are there any internet service along the infosys program? too sad if no intenet is provided because i didnt see any of them available in their yahoo messenger. Hope they are fine! They look twins together. If syida or sheera read this blog, everyone here is fine and we just keep our fingers cross to get His blessed. By da way, keep in touch after u come back to ur country. Dont u ever have a crush on mat2 bangla over there ya! haha.. Eh syida, u owe me haaa. Sheera oso owe me.. Haha. Momento from India is compulsary for a kind man like me lalalalala~ peace out :)

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