Tuesday, May 20, 2008

branded or biasa2

long live da BLUESS

Which one do u prefer? Well as far as im concerned im not kinda choosy in buying hot stuff. But as long as it suits to my body and im confident to wear it, why not?. My xxxxmate is extremely branded stuff goers and im a bit distracted by them. Haha! Ya, im just an ordinary guy with ordinary family income so I know my limitations. But, hey.. one day I can buy the hot stuff too by spending my own money kan.. So, don’t be to snob because u r using ur parents money. Wats da point to show off? Haha.. Stop ere and I want to cont my thesis correction.. Only then I will glue my eyes to da tv for premier barclays and definitely im Da Bluess supporter!!! Hell yeahhh


Dziannis said...

nape kamu nk distracted?
jeles ~~

cikkai said...

saya jeles la pada mereka yang kuat melakukan amal ibadat yang ikhlas kepadaNya :)