Thursday, February 26, 2009

tobatla weii

yesterday just finished my ABAP program with flying colors. however, im not celebrate it appropiately because my head just bumps in with people who are still did not know their boundaries to respect others. i just hate to see a pervert man took his fiancee to home which he really know tat was totally wrong. Although both of you will get married just in 2 weeks time, but hey respect others. tooooooot! U change yor mind. Like a tooooot changing clothes. And you PMS, like i care.. haha ~Fcuk yorself~

p/s: this is how i express my anger thru blogging. Adoi cannot tahann..


Mem Aluya said...

Sekiranya tak mampu menegur dengan lidah, berdoalah agar dia diberikan petunjuk dan hidayah dan kamu dijauhkan dari perbuatan munkar. Thank God theyre getting married soon.

cikkai said...

upin: tak baikkk nanti Tuhan marah...

ipin: betui3