Friday, August 7, 2009


Getting flu after attending 5 days course sumwhere in KL. It really makes me headache. The training room was so small. During the learning season, the door was completely closed and the air circulation wasnt so well-ventilated. Im about to say, "can we just wrap up this class fairly quickly?" but im not vocal enuf to say that. However, the course really makes me so freee w/o bothering the hectic circumstances of the ofis. But of cos, bundles of work are waiting for me to be settled by next week. Yup, just remember one of the participant in Pencarian Gadis Melayu who says "saya nak kaya cepat2". The judges asked "by how?". She confidently said, "Kerja sampai mati". teeeeeett.. being eliminated. The crucial part tat i want to shout here is, H1N1 is getting spread crazily w/o knowing the victims. So, search for further on this swine flu by asking pakcik Goooogle.

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Anonymous said...

get well soon!!
masa awk p check demam patut blh check ur bp skali kalau u risau...