Sunday, February 17, 2008

*tooooooot* *toooot* ! ! !

Thats all i can picture bout them

this is really scuk! please la respect other people who lives here. They have NO manners at all. Which civilization r u guys from? Now i wonder y the owner let this house to b rented. Eeeee... dahla 'putih'. I dont no why their life full of miserable+chaotic+pathethic. The mothers 12 hours yelling at their childrens+jiran atas but the truth is, they just wanna say, 'my son, i love u!' or 'weiii, aku nak daun kari sket!!!'. Could u please talk in moderate voice!!!! Pening pala tau. It just like u wanna let da world hear wat u gonna say.. Dah la berbau! Please practise hygiene in urlife. Ya Allah, please give me full of strength so tat i can consider to live wit this kind of uncivilization people. Littering their beer bottles everywhere. Please respect others sensitivity. Dahla memekak memanjang. Nasib baik malam dia tdo. But some of them jadi toyol sebab HITAM sngt! I dont wanna be racist but sumtime i do.. Dont make people curse at u but they did!!!!! Gosh. Hopefully i dont have this kind of neighbourhood when i afford to hav my own house. Peace out everybody! Sapa makan belacan dia terasa gatai..

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