Monday, February 11, 2008

Seriously pretty impressive (^.^)

On last friday, i hav read Kosmo newspaper n there was one small section whereby the title is about "Blogger Terhebat Malaysia". I just got stucked on tat article n cant wait to flip and read through bout the story further. The heck is, it will be published on this Sunday 10Feb.. Neva mindla kan.. Still can wait for two more days. So today, i go to Pak Teh shop(nearby my flat) to buy da Kosmo paper. Then, i just flip into tat page n read through it. Ya ya Blog Terhebat Malaysia 2007. At nite, i kinda sneak peek to that blog and click on and on and on.... Yes, saharil deserved it!! It is really absolutely out of my mind. Extravaganza+flawless too. For internet surfers who r eager to find sumting diff about blog, this blog is a must-go-see for u. Saharil is really highly imaginative writer plus very gooooood in art too. The cartoon art is like a standard one drawing but people just like it. No matter wat it is, this blog will be da blog that i always looking for every single day. In addition, i already register my nickname there to post my comment on desired section. So, here i put a bit captures about his work:

Very da macho

Click to enlarge da size

100 percent just browse to bro Saharil's website at:

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