Friday, February 22, 2008

new chapter ~

its been a while im not updating my blog. Actually, this week im busy with interview session and career talk. For da moment, im satisfied with both of my interview session. Even one of the staff-in-charge there asking me whether i want to go for another interview or not. I cant cope it anymore. Enough for one session tat took bout 45 minutes. Berbuih ckp english.. From now on, nobody can stop me to speak in english. So, this is wat i call a transition from untalkative person to da hectic world which is indusrtial world. U have to be outstanding to gain some confident level in ur spirit. Bear in mind cikkai that nobody can change u BUT u, truly ur OWNSELF. Pray to Allah, InsyaAllah He will help u to overcome all the cumbersomes in ur upcoming life. Amin....

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