Sunday, February 24, 2008

penat : (

tat pic was explained da previous Sukan Antara Program 2006. Got 1st runner up!!

tq to shah, aman and anuar for paying me n the rest of da class tonite. Belanja makan dominos pizza. All of them are kind hearted to us. This morning, i had my volley game at INTEC UiTM Shah Alam from morning to evening. So my face kinda sun tanned. Just let u noe that, we managed to be da winner for da grop and was defeated by cS231 watsoever. Its a tough game whereby both team played very well. We was defeated by them which the score was not so far behind. Neva mind, play for fun. BUT, my badan got pain and sengal2. So for tonite, i just wanna read my ethic notes and take some rest for attending to da class with full of freshness. Ya Allah, lindungila aku dari sebarang kemudaratan. Amin....

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