Saturday, February 9, 2008

heck da wat!!! (x.x)

"Im so hot!! wat about u?"

Aiyooo yo yo.. people out there. U dont have to go to any spa Q or watever , taking sauna-bathing because the weather lately was so hot.. muka berkilat2 sweating. Uncomfortable at all.!!! Skin dry plus easy to get sick. So, drink a lot of water to topup the water that came out from our body(in the form of urea+sweat+etc). Xinnian Kuaile holidays were not so bad. Balik kampong that really2 into kampong atmosphere made me so lazy to do my homework. I also got sick for 2 days. Hmm... nothing much to story. Just got back from Ipoh (my sis house) to shah alam. Nobody at home. For me, if da weather is sunny+hot, 100 percent stay at home preferrable. I dont want to use+burn my energy to get sun burn under da sun ray that not so good to skin and health. Have u guys realized that when da weather is so hot, ur bad temper mood also increased porpotionally with weather. Heehe.. However, by hibernating during day make me just like predator at Amazon Jungle which hunting for small herbivor at nite.. papejelah.. Adios!!

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