Sunday, February 24, 2008

past activities :-\

"This boy is going crazy by sitting at Seladang's back wearing his free ORACLE cap at 12.00 a.m"
Location: Dirahsiakan (dikhuatiri akan dikompaun oleh pak guard UiTM Shah Alam)

Jumaat petang: talk on ORACLE n participants got a free red cap for that!! Sabtu: pagi tido after subuh, petang study, malam training volleyball then cont study at bilik study 24 hours PTAR. After study pegi KFC federal highway. After huha huha going back to home. Then updating my blog. Wanna tido dah coz this sunday got tournament called Sukan Antara Program (SAP) n im the representative of my course ISE weeewitttt... LAst SAP, i also got involved and be as a player of volleyball. Got number 2 for that game. Overall we r the NUMBER 1. Badminton just kick off this morning n i heard my course won for single, double man and women. Neva mind.. Play for fun.. Ngantokkkkknya~

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