Monday, January 5, 2009

ugly rat


2009 will started with da story of mylife living in the metropolitan city. It is cliche for me to say that living in this hectic KL city is no regret for those who want to try their very best to seek for a job which perhaps can change their fate very soon. I was decided to rent a house just nearby to my office so i would not rushed to go to the office early in the morning. The hedious part of living in this rent house is i have to face with the house rats as big as a mature cat. They are not scared with the human however me myself have to scare of them! So uncomfortable when walking into the alley where you can see those nasty creatures hunting for a food. It makes me goose bumps! But what to do, i'm just an ordinary worker who are not dreamed to live in the huge bungalow house YET! Have to sacrify first before we reach to the ultimate destination. Long live Malaysia! =p

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