Saturday, March 1, 2008

blurred ;(

this baju is really cool dude!!!! machooo

im holding the invitation cards for da prom nite :)

the last modul this morning was really so-so and boring. Prefer to tidor je cuti2 ni+hujan.. Masyukk!!!!. I planned to go for shopping this eve but not really into it. Actually im searching for a kemeja T for my prom nite. Last mon i did some research bout STRIPE CLOTHING (theme for tat nite) and was found this cool clothe. Kalau la aku dpt baju ni, bestnyaaa... Not really show off but just luv da design. I hav no idea wat im gonna wearing for tat nite. At the moment, i just cont my thesis n doa a lots so im not out of track.. Nak nangis pon ada.. tensennnnnnnnnn... Anyone who has suggestion on wat brand should try on and really suit for tat nite plzzz do so...

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.: RUFAI :. said...

khai lawala baju tu...akak pun berkenan jg...:P