Monday, March 3, 2008

b.e.n.g.o.n.g :X

"look on da bright side"

For those who want to register for Kursus Perkahwinan organized by Pusat Kefahaman Islam UiTM Shah Alam, just want to inform u that it is full already. Why? It is due to the competitiveness between students and single staffs in the UiTM as well. It is cheap for us to take it within the UiTM compared to outside that cost about RM80. Err, neva mindlah. Next time lak.. Boleh kawinnya.. Don’t be anxious.

The weather was cold after 3 days of cats and dogs rain. Syukur coz it makes the Shah Alam’s land become wet instead of dry and dusty. Have u ever try to hantuk ur head at the wall to release the demon out? That’s wat im trying to do when I felt so down. Of course we have to turn back to our root and religion which make us step on the right track. I don’t know how to pamper so that im not cruel to myself. Its hard you know when u r really2 in a trouble. The trouble here means the conflict that comes from ur “inside”. It just comes naturally which I believe it is a STRESS. Needless to say tat everybody faces STRESS and it depends how they overcome it. Somehow or rather, I need sumone who can ketuk my kepala so tat I realize that Im in the real world. Sigh for most of the time. Only my family can stimulate my adrenaline to help me runaway from all the stresses in my life. Although it might come though but at least it will comes in the other form of stress. But, I always believe that Allah will know when He gives the adversity to his na├»ve slave, he/she can take it with full of strength he/she has. That all for now.. wassalamm..

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.: RUFAI :. said...

wua baru je ingt nk join wedding course tu...full already...mlepasla lg kali ni...must wait 4 the next coursela jwbnye....huhu...