Wednesday, September 10, 2008

no One no One

CANCER 22 June - 22 Jul

"Like it or NOT, you are the go-to person for the people around you. From your boss, to your family and even your friends. So, u will be swamped with overwhelming requests. While you are always out to please everyone, learn to say no or else you won't have time for yourself."

I bought a Galaxie magazine early this morning and i found this horoscope thought and luckily it is truly happened to me at the moment. One of my friend keep on messengging me regarding the rent house in shah alam. My boss keep on tailoring me with the same question. My family currently keep on asking me whether i already send the Hari Raya leave form or not. Hmm... quite interesting because being me is like someone special where people can lean on. But not toooo long coz my back will broke soon which yes u may lean on me but hey stand up on ur own feet laaa (except my beloved family). However, i do need my space not frenster haha to leisure myself. With tat, i plan to go shopping this weekend to find baju melayu. As wat like my housemate said, if kalo takde baju melayu takleh raya. Haha.. i totally agree. So my works is done over ere and i slightly toooooot with the hectic..

Gonna back to find some cup cakes to eat for break the fast. Adiosss and bismillah =)



Mr. Azman said...

warghhh... terliur nengok gambar kuih kat bawah ni...

Menyelerakan laa... aduiss... tergoda iman aku hari ni... sabo-sabo poser... ekeke~


cikkai said...

haha... banyak lagi tau cik azman.. nanti saya post kan lagi.. =)