Thursday, April 3, 2008

Jom Boycott!!

These are the products that we as Muslims should boycott to prostest upon Denmark on wat they have done to our holy Islam literally.

1. Dutch Lady - Susu 2. Ferrero Roche - Coklat 3. Wall’s - Ais Krim 4. Ing -Insurans 5. Planta -Magerin 6. Lady’s Choice -Magerin 7. Lipton -Teh 8. Shell -Minyak 9. Knorr -Perisa Makanan1 0. Dove -Mandian 11. Sunlight -Magerin/Pencuci Pinggan 12. Radiant -Deodoran 13. Rexona -Deodoran 14. Ponds -Produk Kecantikan 15. Kieldsens -Coklat 16. Slimfast -Produk Pelangsing 17. Lego -Kismis 18. Philips -Barangan Elektrik 19. Duyvis -Makanan Ringan 20. Gouda -Keju 21. Robin -Pencuci Lantai/Pakaian 22. Ariel -Pencuci Lantai/Pakaian 23. Omo -Pencuci Lantai/Pakaian 24. Labello -Lip Balm 25. Pickwick -Teh 26. Venz -Mentega Coklat 27. Kinder Bueno -Coklat 28. Unilever -Syarikat 29. Dumex -Susu Tepung 30. Nutricia -Susu Bayi 31. Sunsilk -Shampoo 32. Fair & Lovely -Produk Kecantikan 33. Lux -Mandian 34. Vaseline -Lip Balm 35. Cif -Pencuci Lantai 36. Surf -Pencuci Kain 37. Wishbone -Pencuci Kain 38. Doriana - Keju Krim 39. Bertolli -Minyak Masak 40. Clear -Shampoo 41. Breeze -Pencuci Kain 42. Sun -Pencuci Kain.

You have heard on what that magazine in Denmark has published?. It's making fun of our beloved PROPHET MUHAMMAD (SAW) by drawing pictures of him and describing him as a terrorist. Moreover, they refused to apologize because they considered it a practice of freedom and democracy. I ask you all to put your hands with other MUSLIMS and boycott the Denmark's products. 1.6 billion Muslimscould really slap the economy in Denmark.

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