Monday, February 28, 2011

wat will u do as a boss?

The only thing we should care about as employees....

1. The company is making money and my boss is finding ways to streamline, become more profitable, or improve quality.
2. My boss creates a safe work environment for me and does not ask me to do something that endangers my life or limb
3. My boss does not discriminate against me
4. My boss does not ask me to do anything unethical

If he or she does all of these things then I could care less if they are nice to me or are my friend. My boss needs to protect my job and keep it from being sent to China. I won't care if my boss was my friend when I am on the unemployment line.

We go to work for a check in exchange for producing. You are paid for services, not for friendship. Now I do understand the motivational principles that indicate happy employees are more productive. However, if we as employees measure our happiness on our boss being our friend then we have our priorities all screwed up. My happiness is a competent boss that does not create a hostile or intimidating workplace.

p/s : Jgn sampai the entire building trying to figure out how the boss was promoted sudahlaaa! sebab tak competent

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