Monday, March 21, 2011

your appearance

Just recently the internetwork is getting slow which i guess will make the mass public unsatisfying towards the internet service provider. I will simply say this is due to the earthquake that had happened in Japan couple weeks ago which has lead to the interruption of trunk cable embedded under the sea. True or not just goggling yourself.. haha. Today i will talk about, how important your appearance when applying for a job. I’m not a beautician but I love to look good in front of the people. And maybe because of that I always getting a private message that sounds like ‘hai.. I dont know u personally but u r cute hehe.. Dont worry,i'm older than u..mcm kakak puji adik la kira ni.. Ur face looks familiar. X tau npk katne..’ It is cliché to me because quite a few people saying the same thing upon me. Ni nak bangga ke apa aku ni? When you look good whether in your profile picture or in reality, some recruiters or even interviewers will make an assumption that you are confident enough to work with them. However, some believe it is all comes within your heart. The so called crystal clear view heart will definitely portrays how good you are when you carry yourself in the public. Outer beauty will come naturally after consolidating the inner beauty. Itu ala kata2 manis miss universe untuk menang okay…! So starts maximize your wardrobe with the striking colors of shirt! Buy a few fashion magazines and you will find a lot more tips on how to dress up for different functions nicely. Don’t overdo or over dressed! Else, u will be exactly like lady gagak.

p/s: hari2 pakai baju sama sebab already hensem katanya. Pakai apa pon nampak sassy.

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