Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mid life crisis will never end

It seems like this blog will totally need to be shut down very soon. This is wat people call mid-life crisis? Haha.. I am so embarrassing of myself. Its getting busier all this while. Malas gila nak update. This will be an official site for me to shout out all the dirty words. teeeet! Maka berlapis2 lah penyakit akan datang jika asyik tension je. Starting next week nak work-out smula. Just to test and stretch my fitness kembali. Asyik mengadap PC 24 seven. Nak kawen ngan PC ke apa?


eMiNz said...

yer la tu kot nk kawen ngn PC (Patimah Comel).. agagaga =P

cikkai said...

haha.... eminz, ada FB tak ? add kat Jezz Khai..